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Thank You I37


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I want to thank I37 Speedway for a wonderful opening night. Your staff was very professional and friendly. Your attention to detail was impressive considering you were definitely overwhelmed. It takes time to work in a track that has not been used in 5 years but we had a very race able surface. I liked what the Swenson Modified car did by blowing off a groove on top that nobody used and ultimately made the winning difference. This surface reminded me of the slick Rio Grande Speedway track of years past that required steady car control and horsepower was not king. The fact that you sold out of everything showed that racing is alive and well in central Texas. I saw people from all over. Also even with the challenges of having to create additional fan parking while also blading new pit parking plus running 6 classes with heats and features the racing was done early enough. I was paid, loaded up and driving out the gate by 12:00. Got home before daylight. Cant wait for the next race.


On a very personal note thank you for adjusting your 4 cyl program to upgrade from a frontrunner only series to a Sport Compact series allowing front AND rear wheel drive cars. All but 2 cars were Sport Compacts from CTS and I'm sure some had never raced on dirt. I saw some wonderful and good looking cars that will be fierce competitors soon. There are a lot of mini stock/ Thunder Car/Sport Compact idle racers watching to see if they too will join the fun. The modern car the factory builds today has a chance to perform in front of an audience that drives home in a similar car. The movie "Fast 8" will be out in a couple of weeks and now that audience has a live show to enjoy as well. Pro Sedans........You might have to downgrade some but here's a place to race if your inclined.


Thank you CTS Compacts for allowing me to be a part of your show. I now have to work on Thumper because he got wrote up by the safety crew. It seems seat belts dated 1998 and a window net made before they put dates will not satisfy track officials. Seems they are looking out for us and that feels great.


Also thank you Jay for your wonderful photographs and coverage of all the races in general. I get to follow a lot going on other tracks thanks to you and Nick and others. Thank you Speedzone for being there. OK, I shut up now.

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I have pro sedan and was interested but told no via email. Was really make the trip.

Heard something about a car claim not sure about that either have run dirt 13 years ago and we had an engine claim where both parties had to agree on the engine claim or they could swap motors. Guess I would have to learn more about that area.

I heard it was some good clean racing

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