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Memorial Day Celebration

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We are going to have a huge Memorial day celebration this year. The Memorial Day celebration will be called:


The "Anthony Lembo Memorial day Weekend" We will have Anthony Lembo's family in attendance. Stephanie Lembo will be singing the national anthem and will be talking a few minutes to bring awareness to PTSD. We also will be honoring the 3 kids who live today without a father due to PTSD.


If you do not know Stephanie Lembo story you can find it on Facebook.


The Stephanie Lembo kids love to camp for Memorial day. So I am inviting everyone to camp out with them the night of May 27th. We will set up tents, have a bon-Fire and maybe sing a little bit. It will be a great time to lift up some well deserving kids and honor those who suffer with PTSD.


In Anthony's Honor we will ask that each person and car have something Teal on it. Teal is the official color of PTSD. Hopefully we can spread the word that help is available to those who suffer from PTSD.


We will have our traditional fire works as well.




Please invite everyone you know to help support Stephanie Lembo and her fight against PTSD.


Thank you,


Ken Hobbs

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