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Tow hooks/chains on cars


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As a result of running around getting everything lined out sat I (Aaron Ivory....tech man) overlooked checking cars for hooks or chains in front of and in back of all cars. Please be advised that they are required and very much appreciated by the tow truck drivers. It was pointed out to me that there where some cars without and made getting hooked up with tow truck timely. The tow truck drivers and their helpers do there best to get y'all hooked up and off the track quickly to keep the show going so if in the event there is no hook up access they will hook up to the easiest quickest spot. Sometimes that will result in more damage than on the track incidents, they try not to but are also advised to get y'all off quickly so please if y'all don't have them install them. I will also go over this in the next drivers meeting for those who don't get on here. I apologize for overlooking this point and if there are any further questions please ask.

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