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Note to All SAS Drivers


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The following message is from Terry Barden:


SAS Drivers,


Since we haven't received all of the speedway information and paperwork yet, please bear with us for this week's race. Although some of you won't be registering until Saturday night, I realize some of you have already paid your NASCAR license fee and/or SAS registration fee. You also may have reserved a pit stall, car number, etc. Until we receive all of the records, I'm asking you to be patient with us until we can figure out all of the registration and licensing information.


If another driver is already parked in your reserved pit stall when you arrive at the track this Saturday, please let me know. Until we've straightened everything out, please just use another spot for this week's race. We will be drawing a diagram of the pit area next week and identifying the reserved pit stalls to help minimize any confusion.


The pit gate will open at 12:00P (noon) on Saturday (April 9) for tech inspections and practice. The cost for a pit pass is $20 for NASCAR licensed members and $30 for all others.


Again, I ask for your understanding and patience during this transition. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at 210-628-1499 (track office), or at 210-827-4524 (cell). My e-mail address is terlinbarden@yahoo.com. Also, please help pass this message to any drivers who might not be on our distribution list or a TSZ user.



Terry Barden

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