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Lone Star Legacy class looking solid for 2017


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You just have to shake your head about some of the BS you hear during the off-season. If you're paying attention to unfounded rumors, you can stop paying attention now.


We set modest goals each season for the series and each season we have surpassed those goals. We are NOT looking to be the biggest class out there, but we ARE looking to make the Lone Star Legacy class one of the most fun, most family oriented, cleanest, most cost-effective series in Texas - or anywhere else for that matter....And we will be back in 2017 with several new teams and a solid core of existing teams.


We are proud that three of our biggest stars - Allen Sampson and Dillon Sampson and young Gabriel Fogg - are moving on over to other racing divisions after setting the standard in the Lone Star Legacys since the series began three years ago. I understand that the Fogg ride has already been purchased and that both the well-maintained and perfectly tuned Sampson cars are for sale. Someone will be getting some 1st-rate equipment should they decide to purchase either, or both, of their cars.


With those three now absent from the starting lineup, that leaves some room for those who were nipping at their heels to move up into the "star" status. Can't wait to see how all that shakes out.


Our goal is - and always has been - to provide an affordable, well-­organized and reasonable way for Legacy teams to race at short tracks and road courses in Texas. One of our major emphasis is on good sportsmanship and clean, non-aggressive driving. We are very serious about the no-contact racing part of our program and are even strengthening our enforcement in 2017. I know, I know. Some call our series ugly names because we enforce the no-contact deal, but this past season we went the entire season with no major wrecks and only minor incidental body contact, which usually happened during practice sessions! And if you think the series is boring, you just haven't been paying attention.


We will be announcing a few minor rules changes and clarifications over the next few weeks along with an announcement about a new addition to our management team for 2017.


So, if you hear that the track is pulling the Lone Star Legacys from their racing program, please set the person spreading that rumor straight.




Nick Holt and James Huff




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Absolutely NO V-8s allowed in 2017.


And we're looking at possibly publishing which head is the approved replacement head. As you know, the original Allison-shipped head is no longer available and we want to standardize the replacement head since we understand that there may be more than one source of replacement heads. But no machine work should be required to bolt on a head.


Most of the rest of the stuff we are working on has to do with drive train rules enforcement. It's not that the drive train rules are changing, but we are working on more effective processes and procedures in the tech area.


So, really, no machine shop work should be needed due to any rules changes.



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So the same as this past year then? Then yes, I need to have machine work done. No need to continue to bring a knife to a gun fight.


Knife to a gun fight? OK, Cory.


But before you, or any other Lone Star Legacy team decide to take steps to have some machine work done on the engine, keep in mind that James, Fred and Jack learned quite a bit about the compression ratios last season. With Fred and Jack's help - and some solid advice from our newest management team member - we will be looking much more closely at compression numbers in 2017.


In addition, Fred and Jack will be stepping up tech in other areas 2017.


So, once again, we are not making any rules changes that will require machine work. If you decide to have some done, that's your decision.



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