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2017 Purse


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The 2017 Purse is attached in .pdf format. This is the guaranteed purse for the regular night shows and not contingent on car count. We reviewed purses across a good part of the state and believe we have a reasonable and comparable purse. While a purse based on car count can be a great tool to increase money when you have a full field, it also creates cuts when a class has a night with lower car counts for one reason or another. With a guaranteed purse, you will be certain of what you will get paid if your class has a low count night and we understand the track may not fair so well that night. But, if your class has a great car count, you still know what you will be paid and the track can fair better also. Bottom line is we want you to be able to know what the purse will be each night and not worrying if it will be lower or higher on a given night due to car count. We want you to come race when we have a race night and we want you to know in advance what your purse will be regardless. Any special events will be advertised with the applicable purse.




To download the PDF version, click here >>>> 2017 Purse.pdf

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