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Rent-A-Racecar List for 2017


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The list for Rent-A-Racecar in 2017 has started. As a reminder, the track intends to have two beginner Pure Stocks available for rent each race night and will work thru the list as race nights progress. If all goes well, we will have two cars available each night throughout the season. The requester must have never raced in any past years, and simply treat the car with a level of respect understanding this is a unique opportunity and respecting the fact that you are on the track with men and women who compete at every event and work hard on their cars, many times with limited funds, simply because they love the sport. In other words, we know things can happen on a race track, but remember that you are inexperienced and treat the car with that level of understanding, but we do want you to have fund and hope it gives you the fever to get a racecar. The cost is $200 for the night plus the purchase of a pit pass and signing of the pit entry waiver. We will update this thread as the names roll in to us.

The 2017 Rent-A-Racecar List is as follows:
1. Jeremy Stout
2. Royce Beasley
3. Jamie Lenny
4. Michael Rose
5. Adrian Espinoza
6. Mark Espinoza
7. Scott Stevens
8. Larry Baladez
9. Bartly Skoruppa
10. Jackie Welch
11. Greg Goodner
12. Josh Goodner
13. Richard Bronze
14. Sylvia Valdez-Ledbetter

15. Gary Ledbetter

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A quick note which we thought we should post after a question on a different thread. The minimum age to rent a race car in the tracks rent a race car program, will be 18 years of age.


If you own your own race car and are racing in one of our four classes as a regular competitor, the minimum age is 15, and with parental consent If you were under 18 .

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Thank you!!!! And oh friend, we have several other things stirring to roll out at the right time. We want this to be an interactive experience! We believe that with various twists to the show, and putting on a show that the fans love as well as the drivers, the track can be successful and sustainable!

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Justin - Good question. Thank you for asking and bringing this to our attention. After further review, the minimum age will be 14 for any class. Ages 14-17 will require a notarized parental or guardian release. We will go back and look where the question was posed on other threads or on Facebook and make a correction. Also, our goal is to have all rules posted by the end of this month and we will include the age clarification which will be applicable to all classes.

Further, for clarification the minimum age for the rent a race car is 18.

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