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Featured Driver List for 2017 Season


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The requests to be Featured Driver on a night during the 2017 racing season are rolling in. We will keep this thread updated as we receive requests for Featured Driver. As a reminder, the Featured Driver is one who can bring their car in the General Admission area at about 6:15 to 6:20 and stay 30 minutes to meet the fans and let the fans get an up close visual of the car and the driver. Also, the driver can bring pictures and a sharpie to sign them, candy for the kids, and anything else you want to provide such as koozies, caps, etc. The list will follow order and should we experience a weather-out night, the list remains and we work in order with the following event so as not to affect the order of the list based on receipt of requests in order.


The 2017 Featured Driver List as follows (will be updated as names continue to roll in):

1. James Blaylock #7 Limited Mod (opening night)

2. Jason Fitch #23f Street Stock

3. Martin "Cooter" Koehne 48c Pure Stock

4. Shawn Kline #11k Street Stock

5. Joe Boop #355 and Justin Boop #72 Street Stock (father and son pairing)

6. Joseph Snow #1 Pure Stock

7. Victor Vargas #24 Modlite

8. Michale Pesek #22p Street Stock

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We have swapped the order for Joseph Snow and James Blaylock by request of the drivers. Mr. James Blaylock will be the featured driver on opening night. We still have some slots for the rest of the season if you would like to have your name added.

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