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The TRP Interactive Fan Experience


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As noted in our orignal post announcing the re-opening of the track, we believe it is important to nurture the relationship with both sets of customers at the race track. We are going to focus very heavily on our four weekly classes and focus on fun things for the fans to be interactive with the drivers. Here are some things we are working on:


1. Texana Raceway Park is pursuing a School Bus. This will be known as the TRP School Bus. Not every night, but on many nights, we will bring the bus out, load up the kids and take them around the track for a few laps. The kids will also get the chance to sign their name on the school bus. Sign sponsors will automatically get to place a company sticker on the school bus and anyone else can also pay to place a sticker on the school bus (businesses or individuals can pay to place their business sticker or other favorite family appropriate sticker on the bus). We believe it is important to offer an interactive experience for the kids and this will be one of the thingswe are working on.


2. Who didn't go to the race track when they were young and wish they could ride in a race car. To make it even better, what if you were able to ride with your favorite driver. We plan to have a drawing on select nights for a youngster to take a ride with their favorite driver. The track is working to have a two seater Pure Stock which the track will maintain. On nights when this is offered, we will have a slip of paper available with space for the youngster's name and a space to fill in a driver's name (youngsters are those under 18 years of age). The lucky youngster who has their name drawn will get to ride in the passenger seat of the Texana Pure Stock and it will be driven by the driver they chose. The track will have a few different size fire suits, gloves and helmets on hand. The drawing will be before intermission, so as to allow time for the youngster to suit up and for us to locate the chosen driver in the pits. We will give the the youngster a pit pass to enter the pits and the parent will be required to sign a release to participate. Big fun and a memory that will last a lifetime!


3. Rent a Racecar. Were you at one time or are you presently a fan in the bleachers wishing you could race but it is just not the right time for you to buy a car? Or, maybe you want to race but you first want to see what it would feel like to drive a race car. Well, here is your chance. We are working to have one or two beginner Pure Stocks that you can rent and race for the night at a cost of $200. If you bring your own safety equipment, great. If not, the track will provide. These will be beginner cars that meet Pure Stock safety rules. If you are interested (and we believe there will be a waiting list), we will set up a sign up list and work down thru the list following each event. If we have a weathered out event, the names simply stay the same on the waiting list until they move up. You will be required to purchase a pit pass the night your opportunity comes up, sign a release and render $200 cash. You must be someone who is not currently racing and it is desired that you have never raced. If we personally know you have raced in the past, we will not place you on the waiting list. You will be required to start at the back of your heat race, and likely at the back of your feature race due to inexperience and in consideration of the regular competitors. What a deal! A bargain to live the racing experience for a night at the low cost of only $200.


4. The Return of Spectator Races. Texana Raceway Park introduced Spectator Races several years ago. We plan to have a Spectator Race early in the season and later in the season. The basic concept is you buy a pit pass, sign up to compete at intermission and it is a one on one elimination process. However, a twist for 2017. We will do the one on one elimination process down to the final four competitors. The final four will then go on the track together for a four lap shootout together with the first to take the checker flag being crowned as the Spring or Fall Spectator Racer Champion. You must purchase a pit pass, compete in a currently registered street legal vehicle that is enclosed (ie; no dune buggies, open jeeps,etc), and have a helmet which must be worn while competing.


5. Featured Driver. Each race week, one driver can bring their car into the General Admission area near 6:15 pm for 30 minutes. You can hand out and sign pictures if you have them, hand out candy, or hand out whatever you want, and meet the fans before you race. We will get a sign up list going for this and maybe better to do this while your car is still pretty. Historically, this was a fan favorite and a great chance for fans to meet the drivers.


6. Kids Foot Races on the Front Straight: Always a hit at any race track, we will periodically have kids foot races on the front straight during intermission.


We will keep churning on our thinking processes, but we wanted to share these with you now as we work on them. Please share this information with your friends, especially the fans!


Stay tuned, more to come.....

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Great ideas. I got to ride around a victory lap at San Antonio Speedway in a late model when I was 3 or 4. Because of that I was always a big race fan until I had the opportunity to race myself. I think getting the kids out on the track in some form is a huge investment for the future.

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Rent-A-Racecar #1 has been acquired. We plan to have two of these available. If you want to sign up for a night, post here on LoneStar Speedzone, send us a PM, or message us on FB with your contact information. Make sure we give you a confirmation that we received. We will maintain the list and work on a first come first serve basis as we progress thru the season. We will contact you in advance of your night so you can begin to prepare.


Remember, this is only for those who have never raced before. It will be $200 plus the purchase of a pit pass for the night and signing of the Pit Entrance waiver form. Sign up soon as we anticipate this will go quick!

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