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Starr Family a Class act...

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Just wanted to say my wife and I had a great time last weekend when we went to the driving school at TMS. I understand our host was David's Father.


Please pass along that we throughly enjoyed ourselves and your dad and his team were first rate.


- ron and jennifer

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Rob and Jennifer..

How cool, hope you had a great time!


As Shirley said, please join us over at David's Web Site..We're trying to get TXSZ folks to cross over to David's site, and vice-versa...


Everyone is welcome on both sites..

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Ron and Jennifer, Thats So great you had a chance to do the Driving School!! David's parents really Are a Class act--as well as their son, David! And David's Uncle, Mike Starr, Owns/runs/instructs at the Team Texas Driving School! One of the fans from David's website was there this past weekend too!



Turbo, Have you tried asking Santa?? LOL ;) Just kidding, but if you find a way to get a free pass, could ya let me know how to get one too?? :lol:;)

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I Sure Can! :D


Team Texas Driving School has several different programs to chose from~

They have what they call "the ride of a lifetime"--where you ride with a driver up to 160 mph..$106.00


Then they have the 10 lap school..$345.00

You get a 1 hour training session and then you drive 10 laps up to 150mph


10 Lap school plus a ride....$400


20 Lap school....$650


30 Lap School....$975

This program consists of 3 different 10-lap segments. The first 2 will be single cars and the third will be drafting maneuver with a partner. This is the first segment of the 60 Lap program


60 Lap School ..$1,900

This program consists of 6 different 10-lap segments. The first two you will be learning the cars and the racetrack. Then you will be paired up with a partner and do exciting 2-car maneuvers like drafting, passing and side-by-side. The program ends with an exciting 4-car group maneuver.



100 Lap School.. $2,400

This program consists of 10 different 10-lap segments. The program is the same as the 60 Lap School but with 40 more laps spread out within the school



Advanced Driving School ...$3,000

Prerequisite: "60 Lap School." Our 40-lap program consists of five 8 lap sessions. This program gives one on one instruction with an instructor that will fine tune your driving skills. Top Speed for this program will be determined by the student’s skill level


I took this off the Team Texas website...there's more info there..

Here's the link:


TEAM TEXAS Driving School

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I will say this: we did the 10 lap school and for an extra 55 dollars at sign up time did the ride along afterwards.


When Jennifer went she was very nervous, and given a choice would have only done the ride along. But once she hit the track she imediately started passing slower cars, she was doing great and the car ran out of fuel. LOL.


I was in the group after her and saw her coasting into the pits after only 4 laps. I thought to myself " ... she was passing people... don't see any vomit on the windsheild... what's going on..."


She got to do a whole new session after mine. She drove much faster, and drove a better line. She had a blast!


Moral of the story: the ride along is very exciting, but drive if you can - it's worth it. If possible drive more than one session. That lets you get the jitters out and then really push the car.


It's only been 2 days and I'm ready to go again!

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Thx for the info Lori.The ride for $106 seems like a steal.


Just an idea...maybe some of the local tracks or racing series hould offer passes for the school as prises...best appearing crew/pole/hard luck award.


Better yet...maybe the school could donate for promotional purposes. :)

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