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I-37 Speedway Results

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Last night was the Charley Borlace Memorial Race. We dearly miss him.




Heat race: (top 3)


1.67 Allen Torres

2.11 Chris McClendon

3.76x Rusty Henely


Six cars showed for the 10 lap feature race. On the drop of the green flag, Chris McClendon would get the early lead. Allen Torres would slot into second, with his older brother Adam in third. The two brothers would race side by side for the second place, with the younger Allen solidifying second. On lap five, McClendon would slide high in turn two, which let Allen Torres to get under him and take the lead. The only yellow of the race would fall on lap 6 for the spun El Camino of Tom Williams. Allen Torres would have to fight off his older brother in the closing stages of the race, as Adam move to the high side and made it a side by side battle off of turn four for the race win. Allen would hold off Adam and take the win.




1.67 Allen Torres

2.76 Adam Torres

3.47 Roy “Krusty Rusty” Fraser

4.11 Chris McClendon

5.48 Tom Williams

6.76x Rusty Henely


Allen Torres is 14 years old from San Antonio and drives a1972 Ford Maverick with a 302 under the hood. He is sponsored by Padget's Used Car




Heat race: (top 3)


1.39 Derrick Flora

2.38x Leroy Greek

3.02 Robert Williams


This was the debut of the brand new I.M.C.A. Southern Sports Modifieds. Only four were on hand, but enthusiasm for this class is high. Only three of the machines would see the green flag for their first ever 6 lap feature race. Derrick Flora would take the early lead and hold it for the first two circuits. The yellow flag would come out on lap two for the Flora car which had spun in turn two. That would hand the lead to Robert Williams who would not be denied the first ever win in a Southern Sports Modified.




1.02 Robert Williams

2.56 Jeffery Walker

3.39 Derrick Flora

38x Leroy Greek DNS




Heat races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.51 Don Lewis

2.66 Johnny Torres

3.57 Jason “The Moose” Kelly


Heat 2

1.79 Randy Guzman

2.11 David Boggs

3.67 Charley Henely


Ten cars raced for fifteen laps. Johnny Torres would get the early lead. On the start of the second lap yellow would fly for a major schnozzle in run two. Three cars were in trouble, including Randy Guzman, Don Lewis, and Steven Hawkins, All were able to continue. On the restart Charley Henely would move up to second behind Torres. Lap three would see another yellow, this time for the S. Hawkins car that spun in turn two. The restart would see the line up look like this, Torres, Henely, Dubba Hawkins, Darin Leonard, and David Boggs. Before the green would wave, D Hawkins would pull his car into the pits, out of the third spot, so that moved Shawn Moore into fifth. Torres would lead for 4 more laps, until the seventh circuit when Henely would pounce and take the lead coming out of the second turn. As the cars went under the crossed flags, the order was Henely, Torres, Boggs, Lewis, and Kelly. Unfortunately, Torres wouldn't see more than ten laps, as he pulled his car out of second place into the infield. Henely would cruise to the checkered flag.




1.67 Charley Henely

2.11 David Boggs

3.57 “The Moose” Jason Kelly

4.51 Don Lewis

5.79 Randy Guzman

6.66 Johnny Torres

7.18 Shawn “Hot Shot” Moore

8.26 Darin Leonard

9.68 Dubba Hawkins

10. 13 Steven Hawkins


Charley Henely was driving Mr. Horn's street stock. He is the father of Justin Henely. The car is sponsored by Padget's Used Cars.




Heat race: (top 3)


1.84 Patrick Kelly

2. 7 Chris Snocker

3.15 Brian Shaw


Six cars lined up for the ten lap feature race. Brian Shaw and Chris Snocker would battle side by side for the first lap before B. Shaw would put his car into lead. On the second lap, caution would come out for the spun car of Trey Votion in turn two. As the green came out, Patrick Kelly was on the move. He got around Snocker on lap three and set sail for the B. Shaw car. Yellow would come out on lap 6 for Rudy Garza who spun in turn two. In the scramble to miss the stricken Garza machine, both B. Shaw and Kelly would spin, and make contact with each other. The Kelly car would continue, but alas, B. Shaw was done for the night. Kelly would stretch out his lead once the green flag came out and cruised to the win.




1.84 Patrick Kelly

2. 7 Chris Snocker

3. 1 Herb Shaw

4. 3 Trey Votion

5. 2 Rudy Garza

6. 15 Brian Shaw

DNS 0 The Bull Kennett


Patrick Kelly drives a Harris chassis with a 357 Ford for power. The winged beast is sponsored by Team Research of Seguin, Pat Kelly Automotive. The 43 year old from Seguin would like the thank the Harrison and Shaw families. Patrick Kelly is the 2003 Texas Super Coupe track champion at I-37, as well as winning the tour championship the same year.




Heat race: (top 3)

1.38 Yankee Payne

2.13 Howie Marx

3.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter


Two 2004 track champions faced off in the six lap feature race. Last year's Super Stock points winner at Hill Country Raceway, Yankee Payne, would be pitted against I-37 Speedway's Limited Late Model champ Gary “Taz” Hunter. Howie Marx would pace the three car field to the green flag. His Red Neck Racing team mate, Hunter would get the jump from the outside pole and lead the race. Payne would get around Marx for second place on lap three and the field maintained those positions for the duration.




1.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter

2.38 Yankee Payne

3.13 Howie Marx


Hunter drives a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. The engine is a 355. He is sponsored by Swenson Racing Chassis, J n R Race Engines, Starnes Custom Homes, Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning, Max Allen Renovations, and Red Neck Racing. He lives in Elmendorf . is married to Cindy, and is 52 years old. His son, Gary Jr is his crew chief, while his daughter Cassy cheers him on. In addition to his Limited Late Model championship last year, Hunter won the 2003 Hot Stock championship at I-37 Speedway.




Heat races: (top 3)


Heat 1

1.55 Danny Brown

2.25 Bobby Grobe

3.37 Billy Pitaway


Heat 2.

1.7 Adan Arambula

2.57 Dale Flanagan

3.66y Randy Yount


Heat 3.

1.15 Chris Carrol

2.1 Jeremy Davenport

3.41 Mitch Hardman


Heat 4.

1.31 Elias Anderson

2.125 Jason Borlace

3.174 Mickey Helms


Seventeen cars lined up for the 20 lap feature race with Danny Brown pacing the field to the green. Unfortunately, it would take several tries to get a single lap in. On the first try, three cars would tangle in turn one with Elias Anderson, Jeremy Davenport, and Shawn Obanon caught up in it. Davenport would have take his car to the pits, but would return later. On try number two, Marlin Samford would spin in turn two and bring out the caution. Try three was better as the field, lead by Brown would complete a lap. But it wouldn't last long, as the Samford and Obanon cars would bring out a caution on lap two by spinning in turn two. Again the field would get a lap in, only to get halted on lap three for Samford again, spinning in turn two. Samford would take his car to the pits. The restart wasn't kind to the racers as yellow flew again, this time for a spin by Bobby Grobe. He would have to start at the back for the next restart. The running order at this point was Brown, Chris Carrol, Adan Arambula, Steve Whiteaker Jr, and Anderson. Another yellow would slow the race as Greg Dinsmore spun in, you guessed it, turn two. The cars would get several laps in after restarting. On lap six, Whiteaker Jr would take over third. As the cars came to the crossed flags, the top five were, Brown, Carrol, Whiteaker Jr. Anderson and Arambula. Caution would wave on lap twelve as Obanon and Davenport got tangled up in turn four. After restarting, the cars made two more laps until Obanon spun in turn four and the yellow rag waved on lap fourteen. The Obanon car as blacked flagged into the pits. The running order was the same on lap 14, as it was on lap ten. On lap fifteen, Anderson would get under Whiteaker Jr and the two raced side by side for third place. A lap latter, they would be three wide going into turn one as the two caught Carrol in second. Anderson would take over second with Whiteaker Jr, in third, and Carrol was shuffled back to fourth. As the white flag flew, Whiteaker Jr, would move to the high side and pick off Anderson for second, then he chased down the leader Brown and made if very interesting coming to the checkered flag. Brown would hold off Whiteaker and win his first race of the season.




1.55 Danny Brown

2.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

3.31 Elias Anderson

4.15 Chris Carrol

5. 7 Adan Arambula

6.57 Dale Flanagan

7.37 Billy Pittaway

8.25 Bobby Grobe

9. 1 Jeremy Davenport

10. 8g Greg Dinsmore

11. 151 Shawn Obanon

12. 66y Randy Yount

13.174 Mickey Helms

14. 22 Marlin Samford

15. 33 Justin Henely

16.125 Jason Borlace

17. 41 Mitch Hardman


21 year old Danny Brown drives a 2003 Hot with a 350 under the hood. He is from Corpus Christi and is sponsored by Strait Line Construction, C.C. Forbes Company, E n H Trucking, Flanagan's Muffler, and T. Roberts Optical. Has been racing for 5 years and finished 3rd in the 2004 track points at I-37 Speedway. His father, Mike Brown is his crew chief.


I-37 Speedway would like to thank A Auto and Truck for sponsoring the 6 lap Dash For Cash for the Street Stocks that was won by Don Lewis.


And Action Auto Parts for sponsoring the 6 lap Dash For Cash for the IMCA Modifieds, which was won by Danny Brown.


Next week the action continues at 8:30 PM. Come out and watch the best dirt track racing in South Texas.


Edited most of the typo's out

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