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TSRS makes Championship Points Change

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Texas Super Racing Series Makes Point Change For Tighter Competition in 2005


By: Pat Mayberry


The Texas Super Racing Series announced exciting news for drivers competing

for the 2005 Championship. The three year old series will allow drivers to

the opportunity to drop one night from their season. This will mean that

driver's will be competing for the 2005 Texas Super Racing Series

Championship with their best eleven point's races. The changes are expected

to generate an even tighter finish than in 2004 when five drivers entered

the final two races with a chance to win the Season Championship.


"I don't like the idea of giving a driver points for a race they didn't run,

but this does allow a driver to miss a race or if they have bad luck one

event they still have a chance to compete for the 2005 Championship," said

series founder Mary Ann Naumann. "By making this change every driver will

now have the chance to drop their worst point's night. While making this

change would not have changed the top of the standings last season it will

definitely add excitement to our season point's race for the Championship."


For up to the minute news on the Texas Super Racing Series and ticket

information on the season opening race please visit either web site at

www.manracingpromotions or www.thunderhillraceway.com .

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