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Results and points from the Black's BBQ 250 at CTS, 9/10/2016


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Official Results from the Black's BBQ 250 at CTS, 9/10/2016


1. 04 Dillon Sampson, 20 laps

2. 23 Alexis Leone, 20

3. 01 Allen Sampson, 20

4. 10 Gabriel Fogg, 20

5. 48 Matthew Yevcak, 20

6. 7 James Remore, 20

7. 63 Brad Harden, 20

8. 32 James Huff, 20

9. 37 Jaida Simental, 20

10. 51 Rocky Mize, 20

11. 8 Kit Leslie, 20

12. 74 Tyler Barclay, 18

13. 15 Colt Mize, 15

14. 19 Michael Perz, 0


Points after Black's BBQ 250 at CTS, 9/10/2016




Point Averages after Black's BBQ 250 at CTS, 9/10/16





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Lots of very close, clean racing in this one with an exciting finish and yet another strong car count.


Alexis Leone nearly won the feature after leading most of the laps, only to be passed by her future brother-in-law, Dillon Sampson, towards the end. Her future husband, Allen Sampson, wisely never put a bumper on her as they battled for position late in the race and ended up third behind her.


A group of four cars that included the above named threesome plus up-and-coming star Gabriel Fogg, battled the entire race for the win and the second group of 10 had their own feature event going strong a few car lengths back. Matt Yevcak joined the front pack near the end and looked stronger and stronger as the race progressed.


Once again, everyone raced clean and everyone passed Tech - we took a good long look at the cams in the top three cars and found them all to be 100% within spec....


It is a pleasure to serve as the Race Director for this awesome group of respectful, clean-driving ladies and gentlemen.



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I Miss You Guy's and Gals so much, it is Devastating to Not be able to be there with Y'all, Love and Miss All of You. God has Reasons for All things, I will be so Glad when I get to Return, Good Luck to You All on a Good Racing Season, God Bless My Friends in the Lonestar Legacy Class, A Class Above the Rest !!!

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The class is really taking off. Nick is doing it right. If I had not bought a new house, I would have bought 2 legacy's. I may not agree with nick on things on speedzone but he's the only one running a stable class with fair racing.


We have some really awesome families and teams involved in the Lone Star Legacy Series. We're in no hurry to grow the series, we'd much rather have folks notice what we're trying to accomplish by enforcing clean, non-aggressive driving and performing sincere tech inspections.


The series doesn't offer a purse at this point, and, if we do land a major sponsor, we will divide up the purse (after series expenses) evenly among those who start the feature. At this point we require a $25 entry fee to help the Huff's defray some of their expenses in operating the series. We have a paid tech official and the trophies we award are very, very nice indeed. All that takes money that the Huffs funded themselves for our 1st couple of seasons.


Although it's never pleasant, we do interview the drivers involved in any sort of on-track contact. I ask what happened, what could you have done to avoid the contact, and how do you think you can avoid similar contact from occurring in the future. Not everyone sees this as "real racing," but we feel this approach is badly needed in this day and age of beating and banging being accepted and expected in most classes.


So, as long as a team or driver agree with our approach, we welcome their participation. If not, well, there are other divisions where they could race.



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