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Sammy Swindell wins the 26th Annual Knoxville 360 Nationals


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Sammy Swindell Wins the 26th Annual Knoxville 360 Nationals


by Bryan Hulbert / Bill Wright


KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 6, 2016) - For the second time in Knoxville Raceway history, a driver has added the 360cid and 410cid Nationals Championship to their Trophy Case as Sammy Swindell parked the A.G. Rains / Acme Graphix No. 3s in Victory Lane to claim the $15,000 top prize in the 26th annual Arnold Motor Supply ASCS 360 Knoxville Nationals presented by Great Southern Bank.


Joining Danny Lasoski as the only other driver to win both crown jewel events at the Marion County oval, Swindell is the fourteenth different winner of the 360 Nationals since 1991. The win is also the first as a car owner for West Memphis, Arkansas native, A.G. Rains.


"Praise the Lord, I've just been so blessed here lately with things going a lot of different directions," said Sammy in Victory Lane after his fifth career 360 win at Knoxville. "I'm still out here doing this, getting to do what I love to do driving these cars and they gave me a perfect car tonight. All the things we did yesterday, they were all right. We hit it on the head and I couldn't ask for anything any better."


"When I was on the bottom there, I thought I was okay there. Then Clint [Garner] got around, and I just had to wait for my turn to get a shot and see where he was good at, and where he wasn't to make my move; but the car just got better and better throughout the race."


Taking off from the front row, Swindell took off into the race lead with Clint Garner, quickly taking over the point on the second lap. Stalked by the Acme Graphix No. 3s, the pair rolled top and bottom on the Knoxville Raceway with Swindell finally able to reclaim the lead on Lap nine.


The wily veteran began distancing himself from the current Knoxville 360cid point's leader as the race through the top-five heated up, with Lasoski up to third and closing. Taking over the runner-up spot on the 13th trip around the half-mile, the 1995 winner of the 360cid Nationals came to Swindell's back bumper as the caution flew on Lap 16 for Josh Baughman whose engine expired.


On the restart, the mover was Brian Brown. After fading to ninth early on, the FVP/Casey's General Store No. 21 was back up to fourth. Stealing away third on Lap 20, the pass for the runner-up spot on Lap 22 would be Brown's last pass of the night as the engine let go under the bonnet of the No. 21. That nearly wadded up Lasoski who barely got the Mark Burch No. 1m turned down the track.


Setting up a three lap dash to the finish, Lasoski got close but was never close enough as Swindell finished 1.078 seconds ahead of "The Dude".


Challenged by Dusty Zomer on the final restart, Clint Garner rebounded to hold onto third with Terry McCarl coming from eighth to fourth. Ian Madsen from 14th came up to complete the top-five in the last corner.


Challenging for the third spot on the restart, Dusty Zomer faded to sixth with Jack Dover advancing twelve spots as the night's Hard Charger. Friday's preliminary A-Feature winner, Jamie Veal crossed eighth, with Brooke Tatnell and Tony Shilling making up the top ten.

Saturday night began with E-Feature competition. Colby Copeland grabbing that win. The night's D-Feature was topped by Billy Butler after race winner, Tim Shaffer, was disqualified for the Wickerbill being too tall on the No. 49x. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. was the winner in the C-Feature. In the first three feature events, Colby Copeland and Logan Forler were able to advance from the E to the C. Forler was a DNF in the C, with Copeland finishing 15th. Jack Dover was able to grab the B-Feature.


The next event for the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network will be the debut for the National Tour at the St. Francois County Raceway in Farmington, Mo. on Saturday, August 20, followed by the $15,000 to win, second annual High Roller Classic at the Missouri State Fair Speedway in Sedalia, Mo. on Sunday, August 21.


For continued updates on the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com.


Results from the 26th Annual Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals presented by Great Southern Bank ASCS National - Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, Iowa - Saturday, August 6, 2016
Event Competitor Count: 94


LucasOilRacing.TV E-Feature (All drivers will transfer to the tail of the D)


E main (started), 8 Laps, 2:16.3: 1. 18w, Colby Copeland, Roseville, CA (4); 2. 2L, Logan Forler, Boise, ID (1); 3. 77x, Alex Hill, Six Nations, ONT, Can. (3); 4. 33, Alan Zoutte, Knoxville, IA (2); 5. 1A, John Anderson, Des Moines, IA (5); 6. 7J, Joe Swanson, Etna Green, IN (6) / DNS - 5, Phil Walter, McClure, PA, 4m, Evan Martin, California, MO, 2K, Kevin Ingle, Huron, SD, 99, John Schulz, West Burlington, IA, 55, McKenna Haase, Des Moines, IA, 11N, Ed Neumeister, Upper Sandusky, OH, 88N, DJ Netto, Hanford, CA
ButlerBuilt D-Feature (Top nine finishers go to tail of the C)


D main (started), 10 Laps, 2:56.7: 1. 1T, Billy Butler, Sacramento, CA (4); 2. 31B, Sheldon Haudenschild, Wooster, OH (3); 3. 71c, Stacey Alexander, Lacona, IA (2); 4. Colby Copeland (11); 5. 14K, Kyle Bellm, Nixa, MO (12); 6. 85, Forrest Sutherland, Cherryvale, KS (6); 7. 03, Joe Wood Jr., Newcastle, OK (5); 8. 98, Chris Masters, Napa, CA (7); 9. Logan Forler (14) / 10. Alan Zoutte (16); 11. 9z, Jared Goerges, Brainerd, MN (8); 12. 22B, Jesse Baker, Grants, NM (9); 13. Alex Hill (13); 14. John Anderson (15); 15. Joe Swanson (17); 16. 4s, Adam Speckman, Rapid City, SD (10); DQ (Wickerbill) - 49x, Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa, PA (1) DNS - 50z, Zach Chappell, Talala, OK, 26, Willie Croft, Roseville, CA, 14J, Josh Riggins, Lincoln, NE, 4J, Lee Grosz, Harwood, ND, 07, Michael Bookout, Tulsa, OK, 81A, Chris Morgan, Topeka, KS ***Tim Shaffer DQ'd for the Wickerbill being to tall.


Hoosier Tire C-Feature (Top eight finishes transfer to the tail of the B)


C main (started), 12 Laps, NT: 1. 15H, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Sunnyvale, TX (4); 2. 12H, Daniel Harding, Perth, WA, Aust. (8); 3. 17w, Harli White, Lindsay, OK (1); 4. 10H, Chad Kemenah, Alvada, OH (13); 5. 21T, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Conroe, TX (9); 6. 94, Jeff Swindell, Bartlett, TN (10); 7. 44, Chris Martin, Ankeny, IA (3); 8. 9m, Ricky Montgomery, Lakewood, CO (6) / 9. 75x, JT Imperial, Mesa, AZ (2); 10. 12, James Mosher, Albuquerque, NM (14); 11. 9JR, Derek Hagar, Marion, AR (7); 12. 53, Joe Beaver, Knoxville, IA (11); 13. 4, Jon Agan, Knoxville, IA (12); 14. Sheldon Haudenschild (17); 15. Colby Copeland (19); 16. 35L, Cody Ledger, Omaha, NE (5); 17. 52, Blake Hahn, Sapulpa, OK (15); 18. Stacey Alexander (18); 19. Billy Butler (16); 20. Kyle Bellm (20); 21. Forrest Sutherland (21); 22. Chris Masters (23); 23. Joe Wood Jr. (22); 24. Logan Forler (24) DNS - 24H, Kade Higday, Des Moines, IA, 3, Nate Van Haaften, Otley, IA, 17, Tyler Groenendyk, Oskaloosa, IA, 22H, Randy Hannagan, Pittsboro, IN, 86, Tony Bruce Jr., Liberal, KS


BMRS B-Feature (Top five finishers transfer to the tail of the A)


B main (started), 15 Laps, NT: 1. 53D, Jack Dover, Springfield, NE (1); 2. 5H, Cory Eliason, Selma, CA (2); 3. 23, Seth Bergman, Snohomish, WA (5); 4. 2m, Matt Moro, Polk City, IA (3); 5. 11x, John Carney II, El Paso, TX (4) / 6. 10, Calvin Landis, Knoxville, IA (11); 7. 29, Russ Hall, Pleasant Hill, IA (13); 8. 45x, Johnny Herrera, Albuquerque, NM (9); 9. 2c, Wayne Johnson, Knoxville, IA (15); 10. Chad Kemenah (20); 11. 95, Matt Covington, Glenpool, OK (8); 12. Jeff Swindell (22); 13. 1x, Don Droud Jr., Lincoln, NE (12); 14. 3P, Sawyer Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (10); 15. 18s, Justin Sanders, Watsonville, CA (14); 16. Chris Martin (23); 17. Daniel Harding (18); 18. Harli White (19); 19. Ray Allen Kulhanek (21); 20. 23D, Devon Dobie, Wapakoneta, OH (16); 21. 13v, Seth Brahmer, Wisner, NE (7); 22. Ricky Montgomery (24); 23. Sam Hafertepe Jr. (17); 24. 87, Aaron Reutzel, Clute, TX (6) DNS - 9P, Rager Phillips, Pleasantville, IA, 84, Brandon Hanks, Burlison, TN, 3A, Billy Alley, Bennet, NE, 34DD, Jac Haudenschild, Wooster, OH


Protect the Harvest A-Feature


A main (started), 25 Laps, NT: 1. 3s, Sammy Swindell, Germantown, TN (2); 2. 1m, Danny Lasoski, Dover, MO (5); 3. 40, Clint Garner, Sioux Falls, SD (1); 4. 24, Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA (8); 5. 18, Ian Madsen, St. Mary's, NSW, Aust. (14); 6. 82, Dusty Zomer, Sioux Falls, SD (9); 7. Jack Dover (19); 8. 71, Jamie Veal, Warrnambool, VIC, Aust. (7); 9. 25, Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. (15); 10. 22, Tony Shilling, Knoxville, IA (3); 11. 1H, Dale Blaney, Hartford, OH (12); 12. 7w, Tasker Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (13); 13. 5J, Jamie Ball, Knoxville, IA (11); 14. 56N, Davey Heskin, St. Michael, MN (16); 15. Matt Moro (22); 16. Cory Eliason (20); 17. Seth Bergman (21); 18. 6, Carson McCarl, Altoona, IA (10); 19. John Carney II (23); 20. 9, Ryan Giles, Grimes, IA (17); 21. 18R, Ryan Roberts, Aurora, NE (18); 22. 17wx, Shane Golobic*, Fremont, CA (24); 23. 21, Brian Brown, Grain Valley, MO (6); 24. 17x, Josh Baughman, Odessa, TX (4) DNS - 1, Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD, * - subbed for Bryan Clauson, Noblesville, IN.
Lap Leaders: Sammy Swindell 1, 9-25; Clint Garner 2-8;
Hard-charger: Jack Dover +12


2016 ASCS National Driver Standings (Top 10): 1. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 3,306; 2. Johnny Herrera 3,191; 3. Blake Hahn 2,946; 4. Seth Bergman 2,890; 5. Wayne Johnson 2,885; 6. Logan Forler 2,867; 7. Aaron Reutzel 2,850; 8. Matt Covington 2,840; 9. Kyle Bellm 1,966; 10. Josh Baughman 1,906;


2016 ASCS National Winner(s): Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 6 (5/13 - Texas Motor Speedway; 6/12 - Rt. 66 Motor Speedway; 6/18 - Lucas Oil Speedway; 6/25 - Skagit Speedway; 7/1 - Grays Harbor Raceway; 7/2 - Grays Harbor Raceway); Johnny Herrera 4 (3/17-Heart O' Texas Speedway; 6/3-Hartford Speedway; 7/22 - Black Hills Speedway; 7/23 - Black Hills Speedway); Blake Hahn 3 (7/8 - Gallatin Speedway; 7/9 - Gallatin Speedway; 7/28 - Park Jefferson Speedway); Brad Loyet 2 (6/15 - Lawton Speedway; 6/17 - Mo. State Fair Speedway); Bryan Clauson 2 (6/16 - Creek County Speedway; 7/31 - Badlands Motor Speedway); Aaron Reutzel 1 (5/14 - Texas Motor Speedway); Wayne Johnson 1 (3/19 - Devil's Bowl Speedway); Brandon Hanks 1 (3/25-Cotton Bowl Speedway);Josh Baughman 1 (3/26 - Bronco Raceway Park); Brian Brown 1(5/5 - Lakeside Speedway); Marc Duperron 1 (6/24 - Skagit Speedway); Jamie Ball 1 (8/4 - Knoxville Raceway); Jamie Veal 1 (8/5 - Knoxville Raceway); Sammy Swindell 1 (8/6 - Knoxville Raceway)


ASCS National Drivers Online:
Josh Baughman: http://www.joshbaughman.com
Kyle Bellm: http://www.kylebellm.com
Seth Bergman: http://www.sethbergmanracing.com
Matt Covington: http://www.mattcovingtonracing.com
Sam Hafertepe, Jr.: http://www.sam15.com
Blake Hahn: http://www.blakehahnracing.com
Johnny Herrera: http://www.johnnyherreraracing.com
Wayne Johnson: https://www.facebook.com/WayneJohnsonRacing?fref=ts
Logan Forler: https://twitter.com/ForlerRacing
Brad Loyet: http://www.loyetmotorsports.com
Aaron Reutzel: http://www.aaronreutzelracing.com
Steven Russell: https://www.facebook.com/steven.russell.71066?fref=ts


ASCS Online:
American Sprint Car Series: http://www.ascsracing.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucasoilascs
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lucasoilascs (@lucasoilascs)
Audio Broadcast: http://www.racinboys.com
Live Scoring (Where Applicable): http://www.ascsracing.com/live and the Race Monitor App

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