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TPS RACE BULLETIN #4 - (All times listed are TENTATIVE but may change and UPDATED on race day)


This Race Bulletin, Race Entry Forms and TPS Membership Form is available on > www.texasprosedans.com


Sponsors: Janet's Cakery, Guerra's Lawn Service - Corpus Christi (TPS thanks all sponsors)


July 8 – Friday optional practice - 3:00pm - 10:00pm - $20 per person in pits. (Two day Pit Pass Fri & Sat - $50)


SATURDAY July 9 - Pit Gate Opens at NOON. (TPS pits in NORTH area by track entrance road, NO electrical plugs). TPS participants (crew & family) must sign correct TPS sheet and wear correct wrist band. Pit fire extinguisher is required).


1:10pm (tent) - TPS Practice times: 1:10pm-1:20pm and 2:50pm-3:00pm (Note: Practice, qualifying, race day times may change)


4:00pm (tent) - TPS Drivers Meeting (non-attendance, no practice receive rear race grid penalty) TPS exemptfrom CTS meetings.


5:15pm (approx) - TPS HEATS - 8 Laps - By prior points, Heat #1 inverted high 6 pts, Heat #2 heads-up by points

Note: Both heats are points paying races per TPS Rules.

Heat #2 winner pays $50 sponsored by Lee Motorsports.

Heat #2 Winner's Trophy will be presented by sponsor Jeff Meeks. A minimum of 10 car field required to have the Heats

(Note: Heat Races and/or Qualifying Time Trials will be held if CTS Ambulance is available or if CTS cancels both heats).


7:00pm (approx) - TPS FEATURE - 25 Laps - 1st 6 inverted by 1st 6 prior points, remainder heads-up by Heat #2 finish

Note: If Heats not completed, Feature Race starts by inverting best 6 - 2016 points, 7th thru last heads-up by points


AFTER FEATURE - Post Race TPS Inspection: weight, carb check, P&G. (CTS Trophy presented to TPS Feature Winner). After last CTS Feature Race is completed, a CTS live music concert will entertain on stage. TPS drivers, crews & fans are invited.


IF POSTPONED JULY 23 - Per CTS published statement, the Rain Date for TPS Race #4 will be July 23.

Weather information call TPS Race Steward David Mackey cell 512/913-9364 (on race day, please keep your cell phone on)


ENTRY FEE ----- $60 - per car if paid two weeks in advance by mail/check & completed entry form (posted on


NOTE: Entry fee refunded (less $10) until car passes thru Pit Gate. Must sign TPS or Minors clipboard.

LATE ENTRY --- $70 - per car if paid late at track in pits (late $10 deposited into TPS Treasury).

CTS PIT PASS - $30 - (Fri & Sat - Driver - $50, Crew - $45) (Rain checks good on rain date. Under 18 need parental release).

GRANDSTAND -- $15 - per person ($12 for Military, Police, Fire, Students (with ID) Children 12 & under & Parking Lot is FREE


TPS RULES - TPS 2016 Rules & Specifications (Note: Windshield & rear window is mandatory or car is issued alarge and increasing non-compliant weight penalty each race). New > driver must receive scanner @ 461.700 MHz all times on track.

TPS Rules Change #1: Para 3 H, page 4, The 2500 engine cc limit is increased to 2,543cc.

(Reason: To allow for an unforeseen fraction in TPS Rules and a cost saving OEM engine block machine shop overbore).


Per para 26 RULE CHANGE: The gate bonus point was changed to "1 bonus point to driver posting an official qualifying lap time".

RULES R&D - TPS Carburetor rule is amended to allow Holley 0-4412CT as an R&D project until further notice.

REFUNDS: Only race entry fees are refundable. TPS annual or one race dues and track pit pass costs are not refundable.


TRANSPONDER - TPS cars must have an AMB Transponder on at all times on track, which is required to be timed& scored.(2 transponders available FOR RENT @ $50. Reservation is required. Call TPS Race Steward David Mackey 512/913-9364).


INVITED CARS - 4 Cylinder (only) CTS & CCS cars accepted provided in compliance with their last year rules and weigh by TPS rules. (Invited car upgrades OK: CTS & CCS cars may use: TPS 13” Hoosier Racing Tires or DOT tires, may use OEM Fuel Injection, after-market suspension parts and lock drive wheels. May not have external nerf bars, must use rear view mirror.


MEMBERSHIP - All drivers are required to hold valid 2016 Texas Pro Sedans membership to drive on track.

One race TPS memberships are available for $30.(Car number priority entitled to full season TPS members).

PURSE - All sponosor, CTS money and most of entry fees go into purse. TPS Officials paid from appropriate entry fee deduction. Feature pay off by check on August 13 at CTS. (NOTE: A minimum of one race lap may be required to be purse payout eligible).


TROPHY - A Trophy for the TPS Feature Race Winner will be presented by Central Texas Speedway.

POINTS - Points awarded per 2016 TPS Rules - 3 points to fastest new record (16.374) - fastest non-record will win 1 point


K&K INSURANCE - Coverage limits assumed same as 2015: Liability - $1,000,000 (each occurrence), Medical Excess - none. Accidental Death & Dismemberment - $1,000,000 (Note: Injury must be reported on race night to CTS Track Manager).


TPS TIRES - Hoosier F 60 8.0/23.0-13” tires sold by SS Motorsports at CTS Friday practice & race day Saturdays. Price is $139 which includes tax. For advance orders - Call Jerry Spencer @ 512/784-1192 to reserve your order.


RACE GAS - VP 110 racing fuel (110 octane) sold by SS Motorsports at CTS. Price is $9.00 per gallon (or bring your own).


The preceding official TPS Race Bulletin was prepared and/or authorized by:


Neil Upchurch - Texas Pro Sedans Administrative & Publications Director

210/655-3222 office



TPS Race Steward at CTS - David Mackey

Cell Phone - 512/913-9364



This Texas Pro Sedans Race Bulletin was prepared from information provided to TPS by CTS and posted by the TPS Publications Office Director



July 9 --------Central Texas Speedway - 2 Heats & 25 Lap Feature

Aug 13 -------Central Texas Speedway - Qualifying & 25 Lap Feature

Sept 10 ------Central Texas Speedway - Qualifying & 25 Lap Feature

Oct 22 ------- Central Texas Speedway - Qualifying & 25 Lap Feature < (final 2016 TPS points race)

Date TBA --- 2016 Texas Pro Sedans Awards Dinner (time and location TBA)


Scheduled CTS Make-up dates: July 23, September 24 (more rain dates may be announced)

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Please refer to above UPDATED July 9 TPS Race Bulletin #4. A few bulletin rules or time changes have been issued.


The decision whether to hold the two Heat Races and/or Qualifying Time Trials may be changed or cancelled at Central Texas Speedway depending on TPS car count and/or available track time.

Thank you - Neil Upchurch
Texas Pro Sedans Administrative & Publications Director
210/655-3222 office

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