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TALMS Points after Race 2


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TALMS Points After Race 2


1 4 Kenneth Montgomery 101

2 82 Anthony Monroe 100

3 711 James Blaylock 96

4 -79 Cody Beddoe 95

5 97 John Witzsche 94

6 29 Scott Amendt 91

6 11 Gary Box 88

7 7 Stephen Robison 87

9T Michael Carlock 81

9T 78C Jack Barfield Jr. 81


We are doing something a little different with points this year.


Each position you gain from your starting position you will get one bonus point.


Also we are going to drop ONE race from everyone's points.


The dropped race will be the lowest finish out of all 7 races or if you missed a race.


The final points will be determined by your best 6 finishes.


Only ONE race will be dropped for each driver.

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