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April 1st Shady Oaks Speedway

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Sanderson Motorsports has all your racing needs and fuel at Shady Oaks. We were very impressed with all classes and the direction the track is going. PIT ATTENDANCE AND CARS are going in the right direction...UP! You have our continued support to grow the track in the right direction as a premier track to race at. As car count and pit attendance go up we need the continued growing of attendance in the stands. Local tracks are sufferring all over the US in fans in the stands, we need the fan support. Bring out your fans, bring out your family, hell bring grandma an grandpa and enjoy a beverage a hotdog, or a snickers with a friend, but bring a friend and enjoy some racing. Let's have some fun, bring a party, just be resposible we want to fill the stands...join us in making it happen at Shady Oaks Speedway on Friday nights.

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