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More benefits for IMCA Racesaver Sprint racers!


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VINTON, Iowa – Christmas came early for Sprint Car drivers across the country, in the form of a new, joint venture between IMCA and RaceSaver.

Under terms of the agreement, RaceSaver founder French Grimes agreed to allow IMCA long-term use of RaceSaver rules for weekly, regional series and special event use.

In return, IMCA will provide administration, support existing sanctions and promote new sanctions for the Sprint Car class that will be known as RaceSaver, a division of IMCA.

“The signing of this historic partnership strengthens RaceSaver and IMCA, and secures our posi­tion as the largest sprint car sanctioning body in existence,” Grimes emphasized. “RaceSaver brings more than 1,000 Sprint Cars in 17 states and IMCA brings an organization that has sup­ported local weekly racing with a national structure.”

“RaceSaver participants, regions and tracks can now have the benefit of IMCA’s national struc­ture, INSURANCE PROGRAMS for participants, and comprehensive programs for regional and national champions,” he continued.

“French has developed one of the most cost-effective and innovative engine packages in Sprint Car racing and it fits well with our philosophy at IMCA for the past 99 years,” said IMCA Vice President of Operations Brett Root. “This agreement is great for RaceSaver, it’s great for IMCA and it’s great for Sprint Car drivers. They will receive the SAME BENEFITS as 8,000-plus drivers in our other divisions.”

Sanctioning and promotion of RaceSaver will now be under the control of IMCA and drivers can compete for the national championship and not have to travel across the country.

A POINT FUND STRUCTURE is to be announced before Jan. 1.

All aspects of RaceSaver that pertain to rules, record keeping, cylinder heads, tires, engine certifica­tion hard cards, engine sealing and tech officials will.....

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