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In case you missed it: F1 drivers visited CTS to race on the track


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In Case You Missed It: Formula One Drivers Visited CTS to Race on the Track

- Formula One Driver Do NASCAR at Central Texas Speedway

Kyle, Texas - Central Texas Speedway received a very special surprise visit last weekend while the F1 and NASCAR Races were in Texas! With famous drivers at COTA and Texas Motor Speedway, it was only fitting that Central Texas Speedway hosted a few famous drivers as well.

After stopping by Texas Motor Speedway to ask NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon for a few stock car racing tips former Formula One drivers, Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill paid a visit to Central Texas Speedway to try their skills in a stock car by participating in the Rusty Wallace Experience hosted by the track.

Johnny Herbert is a retired British driver who drove in the Formula One series from 1989 to the year 2000. He competed in 161 races with seven podium finishes including three first place victories. Since retiring from racing, Herbert can now be found regularly on the Sky Sports F1 HD channel offering post-race analysis of current F1 races.

Damon Hill, also a retired British driver, was active in Formula One from 1992 until 1991. Hill competed in 115 races gaining 42 podium finishes including 22 first place victories. Hill also won the Formula One World Championship in 1996. Since retiring Hill has launched several businesses and has made many appearances playing the guitar with celebrity bands. He can also be found on the Sky Sports F1 HD channel with his friend Johnny Herbert.

One thing’s for sure for these retired driver though… You can take the driver out of racing but you can’t take racing out of the driver, so to speak. These guys still search for that raw feeling the adrenaline rush of racing can give you and they found it on Sunday at Central Texas Speedway.

The Rusty Wallace Experience will return to CTS in March of 2015 but don’t wait to reserve your spot until then because pace is already filling up! Need some more info about what exactly the Racing with Rusty Wallace Experience is like at Central Texas Speedway? Take it from the pros!


Check out Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill racing stock cars here >>>

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