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South Texas Shootout Update

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We have a lot going on. In the upcoming day or two you will be able to register online for this race. You will also be able to buy a parking spot on the front row. These will be sold first come first serve. I have limited the number I will sale to 12. All other parking will be open starting on December 4th.


We also will have some rule updates I will be announcing for this race. Nothing to get worried about they mainly deal with out of town cars that want to come race.


One more item, I am trying hard to increase the Pure Stock purse to make it one of the biggest in Texas. I am looking for a sponsor or two. If you are interested let me know.


I am working hard to make this one of the best shows South Texas Speedway has ever put on. Get them cars ready...


Ken Hobbs

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Rules Update:


We are going to allow for this race weekend. The following items:


Pure Stocks and factory stocks-


Rule #1 car weight must be 3,300lbs after the race with driver


Rule #2 All cars must be on 8" KK704 or American racer G60's


Rule #3 All Cars must pass Vacumn and compression rules already set in rules


Thank you


Ken Hobbs

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