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2015 Street Stock Rules

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Shady Oaks Speedway will be following the Street Stock Shootout rules for 2015. This set of rules will be used at all the tracks involved with the Street Stock Shootout. Drivers have asked for a consistant set of rules for the tracks in the area and this is a big step in that direction. Thanks to the STxSSS group for making this happen.






2015 South Texas Street Stock Shootout Rules Package

# 1. Weight Rule - 3100 lb. min. w / driver and 107 inch wheel base min.

3150 lb. min. w / driver for rear tubular cars and 3 or 4 link coil spring cars with any modification to upper trailing arms. Such as moving of brackets on upper chassis or upper rearend mounts. All bolt on weight must be painted white and have your car number on them and must be securely mounted.


# 2. Appearance - Car must have a factory recognizable appearance. Stock, remanufactured and homebuilt steel or aluminum body panels are allowed. Truck, El Camino, Cadillac’s, Station wagons, any full size car from factory is legal. No compact bodies. Rear spoiler and sideboards can not be taller then 6 inches, maximum length is 12 inches on the sideboards. Spoiler can not exceed width of car. Driver cockpit can be enclosed. Car appearance will be heavily scrutinized. Body must be maintained and kept neat. Side panels can not be straight layed sheet metal i.e. late model look. Body lines need to be introduced, including pillars, and door posts so fans can relate. You must have full fenders. Hoods can be aftermarket fiberglass. We encourage 5 star racing bodies street stock bodies, Performance bodies and the new muscle car Camaro, Charger, and Mustang bodies. Can not resemble late model type body.


# 3. Shocks – Shocks must be steel, no aluminum allowed. One shock per wheel only. Shocks mounts can be altered and be mounted externally. Heim joint shocks are allowed. Rebuildable shocks are allowed. Adjustable and any shock that requires an external reservoir is not allowed. Gas shocks are allowed.


# 4. Springs - Springs must be steel front and back, coil or leaf. All springs must mount in stock positions. Racing springs are allowed. No Chrysler leaf springs allowed. Rear coil springs can be moved fwd or back a max. of 3 inches from the center of the rearend housing but still must mount to the top of rear end. Any height spring front or back. Weight jacks are allowed front and rear.


# 5. Suspension – All suspensions must use stock lower control arms in the stock location. Upper control arms can be aftermarket but must be a non adjustable IMCA style arm and location of upper control arm mounts can be moved or altered. Any balljoint is allowed. Centerlink, all tierods, pitman arm, sway bars and idler arms must be stock replacement. Rear coil spring cars must use stock lower trailing arms in the stock chassis mount location. Trailing arms can be reinforced. Upper trailing arms can be aftermarket arms and can be adjustable but you will have to weight 3150 lbs. with using these items. Location of the upper trailing arms mounts on the chassis and rearend can be relocated but will have to weight 3150 lbs. Aftermarket bushing are allowed. 3 link rear suspension is allowed must weight 3150 lbs. Top pull bar must be solid with no spring, bushing or biscuit at it can not be longer then 36”. Panhard bars min. length is 26”. No aluminum parts will be allowed. Lowering blocks, adjustable rear shackles, rear sliders and weight jacks are all allowed on leaf spring cars. Leaf spring cars can have only one mounting hole on the front leaf spring bracket. Hole must be the same height left to right on front leaf spring mount. All coil spring cars rearend brackets can have multihole mounting options but still must use the stock lower chassis mount position.


# 6. Steering – Aftermarket stock style steering box is allowed. No rack n pinion steering. Remote reservoir is allowed. Racing power steering pump is allowed. Quick Steering box is allowed between steering box and steering wheel. All steering wheels must use quick disconnect adaptors.


# 7. Differential – Factory rearends only. No aftermarket rearend, no quickchange allowed. 9 Inch ford in GM cars is allowed. Floaters are allowed. All floating nine inch rearends must have a wheel cover on the right rear wheel during racing. First offense is probation, Second offense will be disqualification at that event. All differentials must be locked at all times. No limited slip allowed of any kind. Aftermarket brackets are allowed. Rearend housing maybe reinforced. Aluminum driveshafts and or racing driveshafts are allowed.




# 8. Brakes – 3 brake minimum. Disc brakes are recommended on rear. All disc or hats must be steel and can not be vented or have holes drilled in them. Aftermarket brake pedals and master cylinders are allowed. Duel brake master cylinder is allowed. Brake pressure gauges are allowed. Brake adjuster, shutoff valve, or proportioning valves are all allowed and can be within reach of the driver for adjustment when in competition. No aftermarket brake calipers. Stock or oversized brake calipers are allowed as long as they are over the counter stock replacements.


# 9. Bumpers / Nerf Bars – Nerf bars are allowed in the door area only. They are to be within 3 inches from touching body panels. No front or rear wrap around bumpers that stick out side the body. Make sure your front fenders and rear quarter panels are covering the rub bars and braces. Front and rear plastic nose pieces are allowed and can be reinforced behind them. No late model nose pieces. Front bumpers may have a push bar in front of plastic nose piece but must be within stock frame horns. Bumper loops are recommended both front and rear. If stock bumpers are used, along with your normal bracing steel chains must be welded so they do not fall off. If you cause a caution due to bumper hang up with another car you will also be sent to the back due to poor designing on your part. Study your rear bumpers to keep from being hooked.


# 10. Frames – All frames must be OEM factory. No custom built front clips. All front clips will be stock and unaltered up to the firewall. No narrowing and modifying of the frame, brackets or cross member. Frame can be notched for fuel pump clearance. Frame can be notched to make spring changes easier. OEM Frames must go from front chassis to rear chassis. Frame rails maybe reinforced. Frames may be X braced. Uni-body frames must tie frame together. All frames behind rearend can remove the old frame altogether and box it in. Example: Sport mod rear frame. Tubular rear clips are allowed for leaf spring cars must weight 3150 lbs. Front leaf spring mount must be in the stock location with a single leaf spring mounting hole at the same height left to right.


# 11. Rollcage – Minimum of 1 ½” x .095 wall thickness round steel tubing is what we want your cage to be constructed of. Must have a 4 point cage around driver. Must have supports extending into the front engine bay and rear trunk area for additional support and strength. A minimum of (3) door bars are to be in drivers door for protection and at least (2) in the passenger side. An exterior door plate of steel over the outside door bars is recommended.


# 12. Safety – Window nets, racing gloves, neck braces, firesuit, and helmet are all mandatory. Fire extinguisher must be inside car and ready for any situation. Raceivers will be used and highly recommended. Fuel cell must be protected with a cell can. All fuel cells must have a rollover valve on vent and flapper on filler side. Racing seatbelts will have dates checked.


# 13. Wheels / Tires - Only 8” steel wheels any offset. (1) RR bead lock only. No aluminum wheels. Tires to choose from will be any 8 inch asphalt takeoff, Hoosier g60, American Racer KK704 and 15KK704. Tires may be sanded, sipped, or grooved. No soaking or softening of tires allowed. Wheel spacers are allowed.


# 14. Transmission / Driveline - Automatics must have a working fwd and reverse gear.

10 inch min. and all must be a working functional coverter. Standards must have a steel scatter shield. 10.5 inch clutch min. No mini clutches allowed. No direct drives. No traction control of any type. Only factory standard transmissions allowed. No aftermarket racing transmissions. Listed below are legal transmissions and the legal gears. Driveshaft must be painted white. Automatics can run coolers provided driver is protected.

Stock Transmission Gear Ratios



# 15. Carb / Intake / Fuel / Ignition – 4412 Holley two barrel is the only legal carb. Must pass all Go-No-Go Guage testing specs. Aftermarket metering blocks are allowed, no carb spacers are allowed. 2 carb to 4 barrel adaptor is allowed 1 1/4” max adaptor height including gaskets. Any cast iron or aluminum intake manifold is allowed. No Brezinski, porting, polishing, acid porting, gasket matching allowed or any other modifying / machine work to intake. Take out of box and bolt on is what we want.


Maximum Carburetor Base Height is 6.25”. No sheetmetal intake, tunnel ram, fuel injection or electric fuel pumps. No alcohol or fuel additives are allowed. Only racing gas or aviation fuel is allowed. Any mechanical or belt driven fuel pump. Any 12 volt ignition system. External coils and ignition boxes are allowed. No crank trigger or magnetos.


Edelbrock Formula:

Carburetor Base Height = (A + B) / 2 + Carburetor Adapters, Spacers, Gaskets.





#16. Exhaust – Maximum 1 3/4” header tube. Step headers, crossover headers and fender headers are allowed. No 180 degree headers. Some tracks will require mufflers, be prepared no exceptions at Cotton Bowl Speedway. Y and H pipes are allowed. No tri Y Headers or Lung Headers.


# 17. Misc. – #1 spark plug must be even or in front of balljoint. Aluminum radiator, racing fans, aluminum pulley’s are legal.



# 17. Motor - Manufactory body, frame and engine is not manditory that they match. Example: Metric car with a Ford motor.


GM Crate engines will follow the IMCA Sport Mod rule package. GM Crate Engine: may use any Holley 4 barrel carburetor , all components (float bowls and main body) must be Holley manufactured. Metering blocks and base plate may be billet aluminum non-Holley. No aerosol-style carburetors allowed. May use one inch thick carburetor spacer, must use Moroso part #64940 with GM crate. Maximum 0.100 inch thick carburetor gaskets only. MUST use original HEI distributor with MSD #8728 rev-control and 6,200 rpm chip. Must use unaltered sealed GM #88958602 or #19258602 crate engine. Upon inspection, any different, altered or missing GM seal bolts will result in disqualification, loss of all points for the season, and a suspension. Oil pan may be replaced with Tech. Inspector present with Kevko pan #1090NRHw/ISP and Kevko pick-up #1003-3/4.

Disqualification for any crate engine not using required spacer, distributor, rev limiter, pushrods, valve springs or rocker arms. Refer to IMCA Sport Mod rules for details.



Blocks - All blocks must be a factory OEM cast iron. No aftermarket blocks. No 400 or Bowtie blocks. .362 Cubic Inch is maximum engine size.


Rotating Assy. – Max. Stroke is 3.50. Must use a cast or steel crankshaft with 45 lb. minimum. weight limit. Connecting Rods can not be titanium. Floating wrist pins are allowed. Pistons must be flat top cast or forged. Any piston ring allowed. Aftermarket balancers are allowed.


Valve Train – No roller camshaft or lifters. Maximum .550 advertised lift. Which means measured at the cam lobe maximum measurement is .367. No vacuum rule. Any valve spring/retainer combination. No titanium parts allowed except retainers. Stud mounted roller rockers only. Poly locks, guide plates and stud girdles are allowed.


Cylinder Heads


Option (1) any cast iron closed chamber OEM factory head allowed with a minimum of 62 cc, straight or angle plug. Max intake 2.02 & max exhaust 1.60.


Option (2) any open chamber OEM or Aftermarket cast iron head with a min. of 72 cc, straight or angle plug. Max intake 2.02 & max exhaust 1.60.


Option (3) World Products S/R Part # 043610 straight plug 67 cc. Can be cut down to 62 cc. Head comes as a 170 cc runner. This is what we would consider to be a closed chambered aftermarket replacement head for the hard to find double humps. Max intake 1.94 & max exhaust is 1.50.


Option (4) any cast iron OEM Vortec head except no factor performance or bowtie Vortex head will be allowed.



No aluminum heads. Three angle valve jobs are allowed. No removing or machining of castings in the valve pocket. No porting, polishing, acid porting, gasket matching allowed. Heads may be flat or angle milled but must meet cc requirements. Any work done in the bowl area must be done with a 360 degree cut, with the valve guide as the center point.


Any cast iron OEM Ford and Chrysler heads allowed with valves no larger the 2.04 inch intake and 1.70 inch exhaust.


Please ask questions if you have a gray area before doing it. Any gray area concerning rules as they are brought up and answered we will clarify and add to the rules in red. We reserve the right to change the rules to keep competition fair for our competitors at any time. Any changes will be posted and brought to the attention of all drivers best as possible through normal social media and drivers meeting at races.


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