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Championship battles will rage during HMP’s Fiesta’s Spectacular


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Championship battles will rage during Houston Motorsports Park’s “Fiesta’s Spectacular” this Saturday


Houston, TX (August 27, 2014) – With five race nights remaining in the Houston Motorsports Park 2014 schedule, the season-long battles for the track championships in the three NASCAR-sanctioned weekly classes as well as the fun-to-watch Eco Stocks are far from over.


But at the very least the battle lines have been drawn and every race from here on out becomes a do-or-die run for a top finishing spot. And HMP General Manager John Mandabach knows what’s coming next.


“This is my favorite part of the season,” Mandabach said. “The time for talk is over and it’s time for the drivers to let it all hang out if they have any hopes of winning a track championship and the prize money that comes with the title. The races this Saturday will be make-it-or-break-it for some and hanging-on-for-dear-life for others, so I’m expecting lots of paint-swapping during the “Fiesta’s Spectacular” feature events.”


The “Fiesta Spectacular” is set for this Saturday evening at the beautiful, 3/8-mile asphalt/concrete oval and will feature:

- A 75-lap feature (“Fiesta 75”) for the powerful, open-wheeled NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds
- A 50-lap feature (“BWFS Industries 50”) for the highly-competitive NASCAR BWFS Trucks
- A 30-lap feature (“TFE Company 30”) for the brand-new NASCAR American Muscle Cars
- A 15-lap feature for the fun-to-watch, fender-bending Eco Stocks


Also on the program are twin feature events for the INEX-sanctioned Legends and Bandoleros.


NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds


In the top-of the line NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds Zach Knowles, Michael Kourkoubes and multi-time track and state champion Joe Aramendia are locked in a torrid battle for supremacy. Knowles recently took over the top spot in the point standings from Kourkoubes, but all eyes are on Aramendia who is staging a spirited comeback after struggling earlier in the season.


Youngster Clayton Green, fourth in the standings, has shown he’s capable of making up points in a hurry and Jason Morman is always a threat to win on any given night. But both will need to put it in overdrive to catch the top three.


Top-10 NASCAR Fiesta Modified point standings

1. Zach Knowles, 297
2. Michael Kourkoubes, 284
3. Joe Aramendia, 279
4. Clayton Green, 253
5. Jason Morman, 249
6. Johnny Walker, 202
7. Zak Hausler, 197
8. Brian Moczygemba, 179
9. Larry Hughes, 169
10. Kevin Wiseman, 128




The NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks is more of a war than a battle with Charles Evans, Jr, having to defend his top spot every race from both David Webster and Mason Teague.


Teague, who missed a double-feature night earlier in the season, is on a roll and has won the last five NASCAR BWFS Coke events to take over the third spot in the standings. And Teague didn’t just win those five races, he won them convincingly.


Webster, who also competes in the NASCAR American Muscle class and leads in their point standings, has shown a lot of muscle lately and is poised to pounce should Evans have a bad night.


Kyle Books and Travis Benson are capable of winning on any given night and should not be counted out of the championship running at this point in the season.


Top-10 NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck point standings


1. Charles Evans, Jr, 358
2. David Webster, 315
3. Mason Teague, 305
4. Kyle Books, 292
5. Travis Benson, 285
6. Mike Coursey, 243
7. Jim Phillips, 178
8. Sean-Michael Steiner, 170
9. DL Wilson, 148
10. Justin-Paul Steiner, 131


NASCAR American Muscle Cars


David Webster has dominated this division for the past couple of years and is a shoe-in to repeat as champion. Webster has won almost every race this season and with his nearest rival, Nathan Demski, out for the remainder of the season with a serious shoulder injury, he seems destined to repeat again this year.


But – and this is a big but (no pun intended) – this class is really just taking off with new rules and new Camaro/Mustang body styles. Next year there will be plenty of new NASCAR AMCAR teams looking to knock Webster off the top of the chart.


Last time out track owner Graham Baker, driving a brand-new NASCAR AMCAR Camaro, proved that Webster can be beaten, but weighed in a few pounds short during the post race inspection and the win was credited to Webster.


Top-10 NASCAR AMCAR point standings


1. David Webster, 214
2. Nathan Demski, 126
3. Tommy Page Jr, 120
4. Dale Demski, 115
5. Roger Hellman, 104
6. Ed Thompson, 62
7. Ed Nastasi, 56
8. John Winne, 32
9. Graham Baker, 30
10. Derek Shumaker, 22


Eco Stocks


In the HMP-sanctioned Eco Stock division, it’s a free-for-all as are most of the racers for the four- and six- cylinder stock cars.


Any one of the teams near the top five in the point standings is entirely capable of winning the 2014 track championship.


Top 10 Eco Stock point standings


1. Danny Bartholomew 340
2. Chris House 310
3. Taylor Harris 293
4. Stephen Dalton 279
5. Kit Leslie 264
6. Dave Barton 229
7. Richard Smith 228
8. Robert Henson 171
9. Bedie Sonnier 171
10. Shannon Hubbs 143


Racing at the park-like facility starts promptly at 7 pm and normally finishes by 10:30 pm.


Houston Motorsports Park is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston.


The HMP information hotline is 281-458-1972.


The HMP email address is events@houstonmotorsportspark.com and the information hotline is 281-458-1972.

For more information about Houston Motorsports Park and Saturday’s “Double Double Night” visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or look us up on Facebook at facebook.com/houstonracing.

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