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Coors Light Summer Sizzler Presented by Sames Ford Results


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Coors Light Summer Sizzler Presented By Sames Ford Results


1-29 Billy Becka

2-12 Cody Leonard

3-441 Joey Heinaman

4-74S John Sliney

5-101 Tanner Whitmire

6-76 Michael Carlock

7-19 Sam Duncan

8-21 Eric Ramos

9-11 Gary Box

10-37 Bill Pittaway

11-72 Manny Trevino

12-82 Anthony Monroe

13-14 Sam Chapa

14-5S Larry Smith

15-21C Jason Borlace

16-87 Lawrence Mikulencak

17-79 Cody Beddoe -(Docked 1 Position for passing under the move over)

18-2 Kimsey Davis

19-14D John Heil

20-25 Tyler Box

21-8 Jeromie Ramos

DNS-97 John Witzsche

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