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Lineup procedure for Race #5

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Please note the format for this weekends races and how we will be lining up. This is very important as we are trying to save time with our class to cut down on the late night racing. This needs to be understood by all drivers and will be covered at the drivers meeting this weekend.


Heat race format. Normal lineup based on draw. Heat race 1 will go onto the track and take a one to go from the flag man. As heat 1 goes onto the track heat race 2 will report to the infield and lineup in your starting position in the hot pit area of the infield facing the grandstands. Once the last car has gone by and that heat is over, heat race 3 will report to the hot pit area and replace heat race 2 cars that are pulling out on to the track. Heat race 2 will pull out on to the front straightaway lined up ready and will recieve a green flag first time around. No extra pace lap no screwing around lined up or not we are racing first time around. This format will repeat itself until all heat races are over. Just remember if your the next race you should be on the infield lined up with your heat race competitors. Officials will in control in getting you where you need to be.


B Main will lineup in normal spot usually is done after intermission. No changes.


Feature race lineup and drop back. Now starting race 5 any driver can drop to the back. So this is the procedure we will use to do so. Feature will again use point average for lineup. Top 3 cars from heat race go straight to feature. Remaining cars will qualify through B main. Buyin's are still available for any driver finding himself outside the top 24 qualifying positions. On the feature lineup board no more inside / outside lineup on the board. All qualified cars will be in a straight line nose to tail. This is how you will lineup in the pits and how you will go onto the track nose to tail in a straight line. An official will be standing at the end of the front straightaway to stop the pole sitter. All cars will come to a stop and kill engines but be ready. No out of car introductions. Once all cars are stopped we will offer the $150 drop to the back bonus starting with the pole sitter. Once it has been accepted. That driver will start up and pull his car to the back straightaway where another official will be standing and will stop all drop to the back drivers. Once the drop to the back bonus is finished an official will go to each driver front to back offering the drop to the back for passing points only. If a driver opts to drop he will then fire up and pull to the back straightaway in order. Once we have offered dropping to the back to all drivers officials will then line the cars up in their new starting position with all drop to the back cars adding to the end of the field. We will take an extra pace lap to document new lineup and go into the start of the feature. Please understand what is happening so we are not spending extra time then needed lining you up.

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