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cooter and the 48c pure stock will be there, with driver X behind the wheel

Well driver X did a pretty good job, for someone who hasn't driven in 15 years. For those who may not know him or recognize him after a long time of setting on the sidelines, Driver X (Daryl Hale) is the one that got me into racing at Dixieland race track in Inez Tx. Daryl was the driver back then and I did the cage work on his cars(his first car was my first cage (back when everyone used 2 3/8 tubing for cages) now the roles are reversed (I still do the cage work) Daryl has been helping me, along with Chris, Butch the (the sheet metal master) make my car the best we can. After our last outing at S.O.S. the right side of the car, was trash. With help of the guys, and a donor car, my old ride was looking pretty sharp again, Thanks to Chris for putting the finishing touch , of laying down some sooth RED RACING paint.

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