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Spectator Races this weekend! Saturday May 17th!


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We are having spectator races this weekend at Texana Raceway Park!!

Spectators can bring their daily drivers and race against others for prize money.

Cars must be registered and inspected. And participants must purchase a pit pass to compete.

They will race "Pinks" style from the start/ finish line from a dead stop. 1 round = 1 lap

winner to infield and loser leaves track. 2nd round two laps, same format,

Final race is for 3 laps and winner gets the money.

Racers can not be a registered driver or raced a regular night this season.


Plus we will be racing ALL of our regular classes!

Mini Stocks, Dwarfs/Modlites, Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Hot Stock Trucks, and Limited Modifieds!!!


Come on out for a great time with friends and family.


Concessions; food, water, sodas, candy and popcorn are available. Bring your own beer ONLY!


Thanks and see you at the track!!!

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Always enjoy when y'all do the Spectator Races. A Spectator Race was where I furst turned the wheel on a dirt track in 1983 up at Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, TX. It only took me 21 years later to get us a car in real race car in 2004, but it was so worth the wait.


Looking forward to this weekend, and we'll have the Chamberlain Racing #55 Street Stock out at TRP for some fun and to watch the always exciting spectator races.

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