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TRP race report


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This was from Ken...


Had an awesome night of racing last night!

Some of the best racing I have seen since I've worked at and owned the track!! Especially in the Late Model Class!

The race between 1st and 2nd, Shane Hoefling and GW Hessong was wild. Racing nose to tail and door to door for 20 laps. I have great respect for both of you and you showed great confidence in each other the way you were throwing the cars into the turns and holding on to them, and not wrecking into each other. Was a great race to watch!

Congrats to Shane Hoefling on the win in Late Models.

Monty Chamberlain won Street Stocks.

J.J. Jennings won in the Truck class.

Mike Christians won in Mod-Lites.

And Shane Hoefling also took the win in Limited Modifieds.

Will post finishing order and points later.

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It was a great race between those two racers. Glad I was a part of those two cars.GW helped with the setup on the #9 car and I loaned him a motor while we are getting his motor fixed.

Showtime Shane Hoefling was at the shop helping to prepare both cars, along with John Bonnaeux, Ashley Hoefling, Cody Jaeger and his dad Harvey. It was a group effort to get two cars to the track but we some how made it happen.GW was sick as a dog Saturday ,but he still managed to get out there and put on one hell of a show with Shane. I know a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines for one reason or another but these two drivers showed that you can make it happen with grit and determination. They worked on their stuff even after working long days and working through being sick. This is what makes this fun for me, nothing but sheer effort and determination and a few parts overnighted. Once again I was so glad to be a part of this and to see such a great race between two fierce competitors and friends.

Thanks Ken for the effort in prepairing the track and having a place for us to play and not giving up on our series. This weekend is why I will continue to support this series and the all of the drivers that help in bringing this series to the tracks each week. Keep up the effort guys and get yalls stuff ready, and let me know if Ican help in any way.

Thanks MitchyBobby

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