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Acme Trucking Barber Terminal Back to the Front Bonus

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Chuck Barber with Acme Trucking Barber Terminal has stepped up his challenge again this year!


This year we will again offer $150 for a driver to drop to the back from his feature starting position. We will offer it to our pole sitter and work back each position til a driver accepts the money and challenge.


The driver that accepts will be given the $150 and placed in the final qualifying position. He will be illegible for passing points and any additional bonus money.


Should this driver pass his was to the front he is then illegible for additional bonus money.


From last to 1st is an additional $300.00

From last to 2nd is an additional $200.00

From last to 3rd is an additional $100.00


A couple drivers were close to pulling off last years bonus but with the additions of 2nd and 3rd place to this years format we should see Chuck handing out some cold cash at the end of the night!


Thanks to Chuck and Acme Trucking for being a great sponsor and supporter of our series!

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