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Race #1 Details and Information

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Very important that you get to the races earlier then normal. Lots of cars make for long pit gate lines.


Races start @ 7pm. Normal Drivers meeting is @ 6pm, Shootout Drivers meeting to follow 6:15ish.


All Shootout cars will go through a preinspection between 4:30 - 6:00. At this time officials can answer any weight calculator questions while performing preinspections. All cars must be inspected prior to any racing.


Shootout Draw/Registration is 4:30 - 5:30. Draw ends at 5:30pm late registration will result in placing you at the end of a heat race. During the draw you will be given a ticket for drivers meeting prize. Each race we will give away (2) 5 gallon VP Racing Fuel jugs with 5 gallons of VP Racing Fuel at our drivers meeting. If your late you dont get a ticket.


Please note when you draw you must be fully registered to participate. A drivers registration form and a weight calculator form must both be filled out. Registeration is $40 and makes you eligible for the full shootout season (up to 8 races). At the time you draw you will also pay your Entry Fee of $20 for Race #1. If your late you will start at the back of your heat race.


All registered cars must run a series shootout sticker which will be given to you at the time you register. You will be eligible for the following once registered.


$100 - Hard Charger Bonus

$100 - Fastest Time Challenge Bonus performed by all heat race winners

$150 - Drop to the Back bonus

$100 - $300 Acme Trucking Barber Terminal Back to the Front Bonus

$100 - $500 Big Dawg Bonus Money

Drivers meeting prizes.


2014 Purse 1st - $500, 2nd - $350, 3rd - $300, 4th - $250, 5th - $200, 6th - $150

7th – 24th - $100


* Position Points will be accumulated to award our 2014 Top 10 Drivers at our years end banquet.

* Passing Points will be accumulated to go towards each drivers total points and to determine who the O'neil Truck and Trailer Repairs $500 Year End Bonus will be.


DONT BE LATE. Please come early get your registeration, draw, inspection all done so you can be ready for drivers meeting and hot laps. We are inspecting a large car count so please help us all out.

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