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Lone Star Legacys at CTS tonight


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We have seven Lone Star Legacys in the pits for today's 20-lap feature.


Times from practice look like this:


1. 10 Gabriel Fogg 17.277

2. 32 James Huff 17.379

3. 04 Dillon Sampson 17525

4. 1 Del Harris 17.617

5. 01 Allen Sampson 17.765 (only got a couple of laps in)

6. Colin Bellino (no transponder)

7. Cole Runco (no practice laps)


Great to see a rookie - Gabriel Fogg - set fast time in practice. The youngster was a standout in quarter midget competition.


We still have at least three Lone Star Legacys that are committed to run with us - the two Elias Anderson cars and the newly purchaces Jeff Havely car - and we know of two very good Lone Star Legacys for sale (belonging to Tom Harwell) for sale. And wehave had inquiries from several folks. We'll keep you posted.



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