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2014 registration form

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Attached is this years registration form. We have had many already register at the banquet and since.


Registration is a one time $40 fee and you will be eligible for all 8 races, points fund and all sponsored bonus money and giveaways throughout the season.


There is NO partial one race fee this year you are either fully registered or your not. This will help our officials keep track of the drivers along with our series announcer.


Also do not worry about conflicting car numbers, take the number you want conflicting numbers doesnt matter this year.


Try to get your registration in before race 1 to help simplify everything at the series sign in table. We will still be accepting registrations at each race we are only trying to make that smoother with less drivers to deal with at the track. Help us out there please.


CottonBowl Speedway April 26th is coming up fast. This race will not have a Friday practice so do what you need to do to be ready.



2014 Registration Form.doc

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