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Huge payout for Houston Motorsports Park's Fiesta Speedfest, 4/19


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Plus, got this from HMP this morning...


HMP Race Teams,


Woohoo! KIES Solutions has just added a $500 Hard Charger Bonus for NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds and NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks for Fiesta's Speedfest on April 19th!


The KIES Solutions Hard Charger Bonus will go to the driver who moves up the most positions during the feature. In case of a tie, the driver who finishes higher wins.


Thank you KIES Solutions!


John Mandabach

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Special thanks to KIES SOLUTIONS for adding $500 to the purse for Ecostocks! Here is the payout:

$500 - 1st
$125 - 2nd
$100 - 3rd
$75 - 4th
$50 - 5th

$25 - 6th

Fiesta's Speedfest is on April 19th and Ecostocks will race in the "KIES SOLUTIONS 20." Chip draw ends at 4pm for Ecostocks only and ALL ECOSTOCKS WILL START THE FEATURE!!

No entry fee for Ecostocks. Just buy a pit pass and go race at the largest asphalt short track event in Texas!

Visit Houstonmotorsportspark.com and click the Fiesta's Speedfest link for more information.

KIES Solutions is the preferred supplier of valve & instrumentation and engine & compression products in the Gulf Coast area.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Colleen Enright and John Alverson have built KIES Solutions on stellar customer service and tapping into their vast knowledge within several industries. KIES Solutions services oil & gas, industrial & marine, food & beverage, mining and boiler markets just to name a few.

KIES Solutions is able to provide all valves from gate, globe, ball, check valves as well as Fisher Control valves. KIES also stocks a wide range of stainless tubing, tubing fittings, regulators and pneumatic controllers .

The Compression side is able to provide parts and services for most natural gas compressors and engines. From engine starting systems, ignition control systems as well as any and all environmental exhaust monitoring systems.

John and Colleen are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Houston Motorsports Park for this 2014 Speedfest. Visit KIES Solutions at kiessolutions.com

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And the money just keeps coming in for Ecostocks...Lone Star Chevrolet Collision Center has just added another $100 to the Winner and $25 for 2nd through 5th. Here is the Ecostock Purse:


$600 - 1st

$150 - 2nd

$125 - 3rd

$100 - 4th

$75 - 5th

$50 - 6th

$25 - 7th

Thank you Lone Star Chevrolet Collision Center!

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I just love the fact that JC was minding his own business this time and still got a couple shots to the ribs....haha just doing my best to stir the pot.


PS I would like to apologize ahead of time for the next couple of days worth of posts.

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