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Romco ? Meeting this Sunday


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Hey Everyone,


I want to invite everyone to the meeting this Sunday, at the Events Center in Kyle, to not only meet Terry & Tammy Dickerson, but to stop all the rumors. Terry will discuss the new purse for the late model series, his plans for the future, point fund, and what his plans are for the growth of not only super late model racing in Texas, but aspahlt racing period. I have had no less than 100 phone converstations with him sinc the first time I met him at Houston at our last race there. I spent time with him on a weekend jaunt to Wichita Falls and Altus, Ok. and I learned alot about the man and the direction he wanted to go before he ever signed the papers with Robert Mullins. Terry told me is plan was to own three series to be able to bring them into a track under one sanctioning body and work with the tracks as a partner for the weekend. As far as what has happened since Nov. 18th, we will not get on here to fuel rumors, that is why we hope everyone that is intrested in the truth will be there.

I know this much about Terry Dickerson, with the different people that were intrested in buying the ROMCO series, Robert Mullins chose him. That to me means a hell of a lot. I hope that before anymore is said about him trying to monopolize the sport, give him a chance to tell his side at this meeting. If you cant't make it yourself please get someone to represent you and your team. Again this meeting is for anyone intrested in being there. The meeting will be a get to know meeting not B--ch meeting.


We will have drinks (sodas) and some sandwiches. It starts at 1:00 and we hope to be finished T 4:00


Thank Ya'll

Terry Barden



GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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