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Next Monthly Meeting Is Set


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The next Meeting is set

December 14th.

7:00 pm

Highland Lanes

Burnet Rd. & Hwy. 183

If you need more info call me.

cell# 431-3392

My son has a school band concert as well as it being

my anniversary so I will not be able to attend,but I will

be promoting this as much as possible because I feel

it is for the betterment of racing in Texas.

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Isn't that during one of Nick's classes???

The seminar classes in San Antonio run every Tuesday night from this Tuesday (Nov 23) through December 27. And IF we have a seminar in the Austin area in January and February we can schedule them for another week night we won't interfere with the meetings.


Nick Holt

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I will definitely be there for this one. Also, if any of you happen to be coming from where your car is, think about trying to trailer your car (if it's not too much trouble). Trailering your car to a bowling alley would be great advertisement (if possible). :D

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trailer-i havent seen my trailer in 3 months-anybody runs across it let me know-last i heard it was in lockhart in the mud-after this last rain it might be lost for sure-would like to have it back at my house-grass is starting to grow back where i used to park it-backyard doesnt look right with grass-lol

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These meetings are not set on Nicks schedule(sorry Nick)

and will continue throughout this year and next year.


Did you notice I won't even make the next meeting?


They've been talking about Nick's classes for almost a month...I was interested in attending your first meeting, but I couldn't change plans to make it the same day on no notice...now this...just what we need, more scheduling genius and a smug ass attitude!!! This is supposed to help things? This is a path to improvement? Are you high on Band Candy?


Fire, ready, aim...

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Unfortunately no one that was going to be attending Nicks Classes was present at the meeting. We all knew it was short notice, however we wanted to act quickly. Out of all the days of the week Tuesday seemed to be the least conflicting to continue this meeting.


Thurs (Practice Night at most tracks)

Friday (Practice, Prep and travel)

Saturday and Sunday are givens...

Monday... *(who would want to meet on a Monday if you work full time)

Wednesday... many school functions

Tuesday seemed to be the only realistic day...


In the future I am sure this could change... for now the next meeting is set... Maybe a crew member could represent your team interests.


We have voted Mr. Buxton in as "interim president" *(Beer was being consumed)


You can also contact myself if you have any concerns that you would like brought to the table at the next meeting.

512-750-4378 Cell

Abrungot@prodigy.net Home Email



* Cost to Drivers

* Cost to Fans

* Name/Sport Recognition

* Cost to Market the Sport

* Community/Activist Objections

* Timely, Energized Shows

* Value for the Customers/Sponsors Dollar

* Driver and Track Relationships.

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I'm the last one that is trying to have a smugg attitude about anything.

Nicks classes I believe end in Dec. so you may miss our next meeting,but

these meetings will be taking place ALL YEAR not just a few weeks.

I too was going to try and make one of Nicks classes,but since I work

in Austin untill 6:00 and sometimes later it is not easy to make it to SA

with my schedule.

And yes above all else my family comes first,and if its anyones attitute

that is smugg it seems to be yours from reading your past posts.

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I was refering to your response to Nick who had his event planned FIRST and very publically...Nice leadership skills...If you guys are trying to improve things you might want to pay attention to basics...this isn't rocket science...everyone gets on their own deal and works in a vaccuum and doesn't understand when things don't work...if a track had a scheduling conflict after the fact, you would be on here bitching to high heaven about how f'ing stupid they were and had their head up their ass...


If you can't manage basic scheduling to maximize turnout in a formative planning stage, my expectations of what you can accomplish are very low...the first thing needed around here is a large dose of common sense...stupid is as stupid does...

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Point made and understood,one point you need to also realize is out of all the people that contacted me not one were going to SA to attend Nick's classes if there would

have been some taking Nick's classes in SA that wanted to attend we would have

picked another date.The date is not set in stone I sure we work around it if we have to.

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I like what you guys are trying to do...I was only dissappointed with the scheduling...when it comes to attendance and car counts, one of the basic issues the tracks struggle with, and need to do better on, is scheduling...in that respect, it just seemed like the blind leading the blind...


And I hear people complain about the attitudes of track owners running people off...no matter if you like Nick or not, he represents a portion of our racing community and is driving the TTOPA initiaves. Alienating him would not seem to be productive. We don't have enough of a racing population to write off entire segments if we hope to be successfull.

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Chuckman, might it be possible during off-season to have the meetings on Thursday nights? Then, when practice starts back up, move it to Tuesdays?


12/16/04 (1st Thursdays)



03/01/05 (1st Tuesdays)








11/03/05 (1st Thursdays)




03/07/06 (1st Tuesdays)


That would set the meetings thru the begining of race season 06'.

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Ok.... can we play nice? Someone took the willingness to try to make a change and he should be recongnized for that.. not hounded on bad decisions.. the only bad decision that could have been made was to sit and do nothing.



Changes can be made in the future.. We have the Highland Lanes Room Researved for this date.. if you have a better suggestion for the January meeting please let us know and we will carry that to the meeting.. 1 meeting will not hurt.. Hopefully these can move to twice per month so that we can get more done during the off season...



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Some of the people that attended the first meeting can't make it on a Thurs.

Tues. was the best day for all that attended the first meeting.If there are

enough interested maybe it is possible to have more than one meeting.

Perhaps at a South location,but I don't want to overdo what we are trying to

start at first.Remember you also have a great organization in SA already


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not hounding, only explaining...and I WAS trying to be nice!!! Actually, this would be the second meeting...the first one happened so fast I bet people who would have participated missed it too...


One meeting for Austin is fine, you are right about FASCAR...if it gets too diluted it won't work...scheduling will always be a problem...I would just think other racing events would be taken into consideration 1st.


Look at what you missed on so far: Nick can give you access to TTOPA, Chuck can give you media, and I can give you a hard time. OK, so 2 out of 3.

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29LL your point was made and I appriciate your input.I have already been in

contact with Chuck and I'm sure in the future we will be able to work around

everyones schedule including Nick's.

My cell# 512-431-3392 or Home# 512-248-8172

If anyone has input or needs to get in touch with me I have no problem

with them calling,e-mail,pm,or meeting me somewhere.I'll talk to

anybody that is willing to get in touch with me however they want to.

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