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Pure Stock Rules for South Texas Shootout

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South Texas Shootout Pure Stock Rules

Must have a stock body (Sheet metal doors and patches is ok, boxing in around drivers compartment is ok)

Must have front and rear stock firewalls and stock floor pan. (Patching rusted out floor pans is fine, gutted trunk is fine)

No Weight Jacks or hidden screw couplers.

Hoosier G60 or American Racer KK704 are allowed or any 60 series street tire.

Stock Shocks no exceptions and no Bilstiens

Weight will be 3400 pounds after the race with driver.

NO Beadlocks.

Stock transmissions only, stock converters, stock clutch, stock pressure plate and stock flywheel only, all gears must work.

Pump gas or race gas is allowed - No Alcohol


Engine Information:Must pull 15 inches of vacuum at 1000 RPM

Must run open chamber heads, no roller rockers, no porting or polishing

4 valve relief pistons

Stock Cast Iron intakes (No aftermarket, stock aluminum or Marine)

No Headers

Holley 4412, Stock 2 barrel, or 4 barrel quadrajet OK. (Adapter plates for 4412 allowed must not be thicker than 1” with gaskets)

No aftermarket distributors, modules, or coils allowed

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