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2014 Shootout Title Sponsorship Negotiated

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We are really excited to have our title sponsorship negotiated and ready to go. I am happy to announce Gary and Chris Swenson with Swenson Racing Components have returned and will be our 2014 title sponsor. We are equally excited to announce Gary Northway with SABFI has also come onboard to share our title sponsorship. Both Swenson and Northway have been big supporters of the shootout series over the years and both are wanting to help take the shootout to the next level.


From a personal viewpoint I cant tell you how great this is to have these type of individuals associated and supporting our drivers. Two of the best characters South Texas racing has to offer.


The 2014 South Texas Street Stock Shootout will be presented by Swenson Racing Components / SABFI. Shootout information will be coming fast and furious now that our title sponsorship is behind us. The information will include soon to come banquet details, 2014 purse, 2014 schedule, 2014 driver package, 2014 race format, 2014 sponsorship opportunities including the 2014 T shirt.


Congrads to all the drivers and supporters of the shootout 2014 will be a record year!

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