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Elmo Kasier


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Does anyone remember Elmo Kasier He raced around the houston area in the late 50s to early 60s i sure would like to have some old pics of him to give him i do remeber him saying A J FOYT was the man to beat!! Thanks guys!!

Ok i got better info from the old fart He had a number 9 on his car it was 32 ford coupe he raced somewhere around 1950 -1952 around victoria elcampo and a little houston he was hoping someone would have a pic of him in his glory days. anything would help The photographers name was Lewis Andrews

Other drivers were Jerry Puris Frank Nouvea

Thanks for looking and anything would help I wish you could have seen him at the Havoc at Shady Oaks the races were late it got really cool and he stayed till the end!! He was the happiest man on earth he hadnt been to a race in twenty years!!

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