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Did Gould and Ricketts plan to win national championships?


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Did William Gould make it a goal to win the IMCA Modified National Championship right from the start of the 2013 race season???


How did John Ricketts win the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint National Championship?


Both drivers tell all in interviews posted on Kennedale Speedway Parks FaceBook page. XSAN broadcasting teamed up with KSP announcer, Doug Rollo to dig up the stories and more at the 7th Annual Showdown event. Go to www.facebook.com and type in Kennedale Speedway Park in the search bar to see the video's. While you are there, join the nearly 5,000 people that have liked the KSP Facebook page so you can see all the happenings, news and info of the raceway. Scroll down through the pages of the site and see many photo's, announcements and video's of the activity at the raceway. You will see it what a fun year at the track.


XSAN TV is a high quality broadcast product offered to the racing communities nation wide. XSAN Broadcast has pay per view video coverage at their web site of racing action at the 7th Annual Showdown event at KSP. CHECK IT OUT AT.... http://www.xsan.tv/

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