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Congratulations 2013 Champions

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Starting the night we had a very tight race for points champion in 3 classes. Pure Stock, Limited Mods and Dwarf/Modlites. At the end of the evening here are your class Champions, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. GoKarts I am still working on your points and will post them later. Great racing and thanks to all the drivers for a great season!!


Pure Stock

Champion: #9 Brian Morris

Second Place: #48C Cooter Koehne

Third Place: #63J Joe Dee Johnson



Champion: #65 Buck McFarlin

Second: #15 Scott Adams

Third: #93X Ronnie Saunders Jr.


Street Stocks

Champion: #77 Chris Shafer

Second: #23 David Bruns

Third: #31 Brian King


Limited Mods

Champion: #3 Trice Hermes

Second: #18 Larry Jernigan

Third: #8 Lary Paris


South Texas Late Model Series will have their own Champion but we want to recognize our First, Second and Third place drivers that competed in a 5 race season at Shady Oaks Speedway


First Place: #15M Kevin Megura

Second Place: #747 G.W. Hessong

Third Place: #155 Vince Kacir


Awards Banquet will be in January 2014. Watch for details.

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