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Saturday Night @ CCMS


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I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the drivers that came out Sat-nite. I thought that ALL the classes put on one hell of a show. The LM count was kinda low but you have to admit the race made up for it and think about the next time a show like this is put on, how many people will reflect on this one and generate more intrest.

I would also like to thank all the drivers that came down to run with our drivers. As I had walked around after the races and visited with you guys, most everyone seemed to have had a great time and you know that is what it is supposed to be about.


CONGRADULATIONS to Parader99 you guys ran an awsome race, that car was on a rail even in the traffic.


Slysnake, I'm sorry I didn't get back around to your pit I had intended to but after watching tech, making the rounds, it had gotten pretty late (early).


Jason, It was nice visiting with you a little bit, maybe next time we can have a little more time to b/s. I was going to ask you what are you plans for next year, are you going to build a car or what?


All in all I thought it was a great night, good job Owen and the entire staff at CCMS. I am looking forward to more shows like that.


Before I get off I would thank Freddie Malek and the entire fire crew for all their efforts and hard work it does not go unnoticed. And also to Joe Dees and the Statewide Wrecker crew, you guys are great.

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