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just a question on car count


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Is there anyone out there that thinks/ feels that both THR and SAS would benefit if one of the tracks were to switch to Friday Nights?


Are the tracks to far apart to make a difference?



How many fans or drivers would race or go to race twice a week.

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It probably won't help racing around here to have a track racing on Friday, and here are some historical observations why I think that.

Longhorn for most of it's life was a Friday night track. While it got good support from Austin area racers, only a hand-full would make the tow from San Antonio and elsewhere unless it was a big show, like the Aquafest.

Many reasons given-- Can't get off work in time to make the haul, Don't like the track, and on and on.


San Antonio (Pan-American or Hwy 16), on the other hand, enjoyed good support from the outside area. You have more travel time, etc. Think about the number of track champs at Pan-Am or Hwy 16 that were not from San Antonio, versus the number of champs at Longhorn that were from Austin.

And types of cars were not a problem; back then, you could take a car and run it at several different tracks with little or no changes.


Longhorn's stands would get O.K. crowds, but they also had to work, etc.

When Alvin Stewart took over Longhorn, one thing he did was switch to Saturday night. He got more cars, more fans in the seats, and did not adversly affect the count at San Antonio. By this time, the respective promoters had started to use the rules to break racers off into "Longhorn", San Antonio", "Corpus", and so on. Made it harder to run multiple tracks.


Look at cars. In the latemodels alone,you have the "Nascar" class, the Kyle/TSRS class, Houston class, ROMCO, and several texas racers run the USLMA series.. It is ludicrous to have that many different classes of latemodel in a state that has as few asphalt tracks as we do. (I have made the same statement about having twice the number of touring series as there are tracks, but that is another sad thread.)

If a racer gets mad at his current track or series, he can't go off and run somewhere else. His car ain't legal, and he probably doesn't have the funds to make a big change, and you just lost another racer. They take their 5 figure toy and go home. Without common car rules, it would not do any good to have two tracks running on different nights.


In the old days, we could run Longhorn on Fridays, CC or SA Saturdays, Sometimes Houston would have a Sunday show. We would make all of these. Some of the racers these days can't handle 3 special events in consecutive weeks; just look at some of the threads on this board about the late season events, and all the fussing that went on in those threads.


Simply put, the difference in car classes would have a detrimental effect on trying to run Friday night. Say what they want about that TTOPA alliance, until the rules for Kyle read identical to San Antonio, there is no need for 2 tracks on 2 nights.


Also, If you try to put Kyle on a Friday, it will be in worse shape than it is now, If Longhorn had problems getting people out on Friday, add 30 miles to the trip, and see how many fans and racers you'll get. Especially after Football starts.


Another factor is how many racers would be willing to run 2 nights. When Ron Chambers was thinking about re-opening Longhorn in '99, damn near every racer within 100 miles of that track hooted and hollered and said "if you open it, we'll be there!!" Well, he opened it, and most of those same racers then said " well, we're in a points chase at Kyle, and we don't want to tear up the car, but we'll run with you in 2000." 2000 shows up and where are the cars? Still at Kyle. Few Friday fans, few cars, he didn't last a year.


I went a little long on this post, but I thought I'd give you a historical perspective on why Friday probably won't happen here.

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no problems for going on about the history of the races. We need to know where we have been to understand where we are going.

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Good point txtom.In Wisconsin,you can run seven races a week.It used to be nine a week.The catch is,except for one touring series there,all of these tracks run one type of car,and it is a super late model.If you look down the points lists at all of those tracks you will see about eight or ten names that are at all of them at least for several events.What do we have now,five or six different late models?Imagine if they were all the same?Ten grand to win 150 lapper at CCMS would prolly pull in forty cars.

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