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RTA Limited Modifieds


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What a day!!!


First I would like to THANK Graham & David Baker at HMSP for letting me use their track today. THANKS!!!!


Second, I would like to say a special THANKS to Denny Burton for his help today.


Denny & I tested the new tire from American Racer today, and was really pleased with the results. We put 200 race laps on the tires and they never fell off on the times. They stick really well and are easy to drive. ( that was the right side) ( right rear was gone but the right front still had a little life left in it) The left sides are still going strong. Shoule be able to get 300 + out of left side tires with no problem. The good thing about these tires is that they should sell for around $75.00 each.


If anyone has any questions about the tire, give me a call or email me.




Johnny Smith

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