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Hudak claims 2004 TSRS championship

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Hudak Claims Texas Super Racing Series Championship


By: Pat Mayberry


Houston based stock car driver, Brad Hudak, is a man of his word. Hudak has been the hottest driver in the Texas Super Racing Series since June when he began a streak of top five runs that would vault him in to contention for the title.


Hudak recalled the turning point in his season being a dinner with his wife after the second race of the season. "She said if you want to win a championship, you need to get your head right and gave me a pep talk. It was the next race when the streak started and it made all the difference in the world," recalled Hudak.


After the Beach Bash 100 on September 18th, Hudak had closed the Texas Super Racing Series point chase to a mere eighteen points and boldly predicted, "Our goal is come out of Houston with the points lead and finish it off in San Antonio."


In practice, it looked like Hudak might have to eat his words. Despite serious efforts by his crew to dial in his machine, Hudak was struggling to get it to handle and was well off the pace. Hudak had his worst qualifying effort of the season when he qualified eighteenth out of a twenty-seven car field. "We're just going to do what we've done the last six or seven races," stated Hudak. "We've had a hard time getting the car figured out, but it's a long race. The really fast guys up front have a million laps here. We'll just do the best we can and that's all we can do."


Hudak may have started the night eighteenth in the field, but he had already planned to run a conservative race. Hudak only worried about keeping his old friend, Mike Yale, right in front of him. "As long as he is right in front of me, he can't beat me," said Hudak. We are racing this race not to lose."


Hudak had to breath a sigh of relief when Yale unfortunately was caught up in an incident in turn two and was knocked out of the race, all but assuring Hudak the championship. "It was pure luck," mused Hudak about the accident. "Everything happened in front of me. We would have loved to have that consecutive top five streak to continue, (Hudak finished sixth) but I thought it was better to play it save and keep running where we were."


Hudak is no stranger to the winner's circle, having visited victory lane numerous times over his seven year career. However, this is Hudak's first series championship. "This is awesome!" exclaimed Hudak after the race. "We've never had the chance to run for a championship until last year when TSRS was born. Last year was the first time we ever ran for points and it's been a learning curve. I think we've learned well because we did it this year."


Name: Brad Hudak

Hometown: Houston

Age: 39

Years in racing: 7

Chassis: Dill-Dak

Body: 99 Chevy Monte Carlo

Engine Builder: Westside Performance

Brakes: Wilwood

Shocks: QA 1

Sponsors: Westside Performance & Machine, DC Eagle Paint & Body, Power

Demon.com, Southeast Custom Graphics & Lettering, Poly Dyn Performance

Coatings, TX 7 Engine Treatment & Performance Coatings

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