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2004 Lonestar Legacy Series Champion


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Congrats to Bill Boeker "Lonestar Legacy Series 2004 Champion"


Also to Kyle S. for a great run for the championship..one heck of a team.


I want to thank All the fans/drivers/owners/crews that made the races..ya'll made it possible for me to do what I have dreamed of doing for so very long.



Mr. Bob Riley, what can I say? Thank you for being at every race with your crew & a trailer full of parts.(many of which you loaned out new and got back used) no questions asked. 2005 is looking better and better.


Thank you... THR, CCMS, SAS for inviting the Lonestar Legacy Series to your track.


To the guys that pulled from Houston and beyond..THANK YOU



See ya'll in 2005


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