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Racing this Saturday

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Lets not forget all minnies,frontrunners,thunder cars,ecostocks,etc are still invited to run with the sport compacts.Theres a chance we might be included in the Shootout again this year and its always fun to be part of a big event like that.


People have asked me what car would be good to use.The answer is whatever you have that runs.Engines are stock so no expensive parts are needed.To get started you need a car that runs,strip it,a rollover bar as minimum with a door plate,belts,net and extenguisher plus a firesuit of some kind.Now your on the track and can make improvements as desired.Its cheaper than renting go karts.


I met a lot of Ex racers at STS lately who wish they were racing again.Well here it is.For the price of a Sat nite dinner you can be a part of the show again.Big crouds and lots of oppourtunity for sponsorship.Plus a party afterwards.What more could you ask for.Believe me its worth the 6 hour drive and a hundred bucks worth of diesel for me to be there and I will be there.


Comeon you idle racers you can prep a car in a weekend.Not much different than an enduro.Get one of those old Thunder cars lying around and slap a stock engine in it if you dont want to build your own.Lets gang up on that Neon.Cant give him all the trophies.See you at the track.

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