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Series adjustments and worthy news

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Alright here we go so hold on to your butts. First be prepared for some adjustments, both myself and Monty believe these are all great adjustments for all parties involved and for the series/drivers.


First off Race #2 was rained out at Texana Raceway. We have been part of the Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Limited Race weekend which has turned into one of the areas biggest annually events. All of our races are important but this event has alot more to it the just racing because of what it stands for in many ways. We have put Texana back on the race schedule. So note the changes that are taking place.


Race #2 is still on Sept. 1st will still be Shady Oaks Speedway in Goliad

Race #3 is still on Sept. 22nd however it will now be at Texana Raceway Park in Edna

Race #4 is still on Oct. 6th will still be at South Texas Speedway, Corpus Christi

New Race #5 will be on Nov. 3rd and it will be the 2011 Grand Opening Night for Cotton Bowl Speedway


Cotton Bowl Speedway has sacrificed the Sept. 22nd race day so we could attempt to reschedule Texana Raceway Park race and continue to be part of the Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Event. This allows Cotton Bowl Speedway to stay focused on finishing their facility. No changes to Sept 22nd and Oct 6th race dates nor the locations. Now here is the one race date change, Nov. 3rd we will play a huge part in the Cotton Bowl Speedways grand opening night for our finale series race event. We are working on additional details regarding Cotton Bowl Speedway race. Stay tuned for those details coming soon!

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