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Rained Out Saturday, July 14th

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This place blows my mind.I have traveled to tracks before just to find out the event rained out but this is the first time the rain only CHANGED the event.The stock cars were parked but the 4/4s,jeeps,buggies etc starting arriving and VIOLA a new event of mod dogging.People started arriving in droves,the lights came on and NASCAR was playing at the air conditioned bar at the same time.What a party.There were more people in the stands than other tracks have on race nites.Just goes to show its not the race people crave,its a good time.What a muddy mess,like a bunch of kids playing in the mud.Great fun.


I really believe this party was because of the social networking.People started calling friends and more showed up.Sure beats driving home disappointed or staying home board.Now thats a true promoter,give your customers something.Thanks STS for letting me be a part while others tell me go elswhere.Found the good times.

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