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Sherrell is first Champ Sprint Repeat winner at Creek County


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Sherrell is first Champ Sprint Repeat winner at Creek County


SAPULPA, Okla. (July 13, 2012) – Matt Sherrell became the first repeat winner in ten Championship Sprint Car events at Creek County Speedway by taking top honors in Friday night’s racing action atop the ¼-mile clay oval.


Other winners on the night included Brett Wilson in the A Modifieds, Kevin Brewer in the Dwarf Cars and Earl McDoulett, Jr., in the 600cc Non-Wing Micro Sprint Cars.


Sherrell collected his second Champ Sprint win of the year at Creek County Speedway in front of Brian McClelland, with Ricky York, Jamie McDonald and Jackie York rounding out the top five.


Wilson extended his A Modified points lead a bit with his third win of the year in front of Leroy Cook, Jr., Chad Davis, Ho Dean and Collin Wiseley.


Kevin Brewer added his fourth Dwarf Car win of the year in front of David Cummins and Dale Bagby, with Earl McDoulett, Jr., besting Sherrell and Chance Morton in the Non-Wing Micro Sprint Car ranks.


Creek County Speedway Results (July 13, 2012):


Champ Sprints


A Feature: 1. 35-Matt Sherrell; 2. 87F-Brian McClelland; 3. 11-Ricky York; 4. 3-Jamie McDonald; 5. 51-Jackie York; 6. 13-Len Larkin; 7. 19-Dustin Caudle; 8. 14-Taylor Huddleston; 9. 16-Robbie Sherrell; 10. 8m-Kade Morton; 11. 11z-Zach Bealer; 12. 97-Kevin Cummings; 13. 17-Brent Bates; 14. 8-Michael Tyre II; 15. 84-Alex DeCamp; 16. 18b-Eric Barnes; 17. 3x-Tommy Deckard; 18. 010-Brian Roberts; 19. 8x-Shane Pace


A Modifieds


A Feature: 1. 53-Brett Wilson; 2. 501-Leroy Cook Jr; 3. 52-Chad Davis; 4. 39-Ho Dean; 5. 0w-Collin Wiseley; 6. 20-James Esmond; 7. 21-Ashley Basket; 8. 54-Dena Wilson; 9. 3D-Johnny DeRamus; 10. 11x-Robert Scott; 11. 96-Brad Fritts; 12. 7e-Jim Estes; 13. 63-Jason Campbell; 14. 24T-Toby Lindell; 15. 99-Matt French; 16. 22b-Richard Bias; 17. 295-John Doe (DNS)


Dwarf Cars


A Feature: 1. 10-Kevin Brewer; 2. 2-David Cummins; 3. 14-Dale Bagby; 4. 67-Jeff Record; 5. 30x-Kelly Brewer; 6. 47-Richard Record; 7. 57-John Doe; 8. 13-Rick Quinn


Non-Wing Micros

A Feature: 1. 60-Earl McDoulett, Jr.; 2. 35-Matt Sherrell; 3. 8m-Chance Morton; 4. 5c-Cody Cordell; 5. 20r-Kyle Harris; 6. 10-Dustin Dixon; 7. 8g-Devin Gerrior; 8. 71-Michael McClendon; 9. 05-Charles McManus (DNS); 10. 99-Chase Rohrbaugh (DNS)

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