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Ok. July 21st CC Speedway is racing. I will put up $100 to the highest finishing Dirt/THR/Out of town sport mod in the feature. With how well they pay now and the car count it could be a good pay day. Come on out guys/and girls.


Payout =

Heat Race

1- $25

2- $20

3- $15



1- $400

2- $250

3- $150

4- $100

5- $80

6- $70

7- $60

8- $50

9- $40

10- $30

11-20 $25


The top finishing new car will receive a $100 bonus

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I think the Holiday Inn. And gates open at 5 practice starts at 6. We usually get 3 practice

s on saturday. I would call dan at 361 332 9716 to ask about Friday practice. This $100 is coming out of my pocket. Not the tracks.
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I got this off of the prosedan website at www.texasprosedans.com hope it helps.


Sponsors: Janet's Cakery, Guerra's Lawn Service, Anonymous Sponsor, Travelodge Hotel - Corpus Christi


TPS Discount Motel -Travelodge - Corn Products Rd, I-37, exit #5, NIGHT GUARD & VIDEO, 2-4 persons $49.

Free Continental Breakfast 6-9am. When making reservations @ 1-888/567-1344, mention special TPS rate.



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Hey Lyndon bring some more of your buddies from up there. You need some competition for this $100. We need to make it a little interesting haha.

I've already been trying to get some guys to go down there. Your offer is just icing on the cake.

I still have some details to work out before I can fully commit, but you know I want to race there pretty bad.

Been to several races down there and ran once in the karts. CC is a blast.

Hope I can get it together and see you down there.

I have a feeling I'm not the only one interested in taking your money.


By the way, thank you for the quick response on the hotel and practice info guys.

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Here is a list of cars that are INELIGIBLE.


1- Jeff Moore

19- Benton Kemp

27- Todd Hudler

33- Eddy Ross

76- Mike Carlock- Sold Car

79- Cody Beddoe

82- Anthony Monroe

87- Lawrence Mikulencak


All other sportmods are eligible for the Bonus.


The second highest finishing new car will receive a free 8x10 provided by MAGG Photos.

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