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TSRS at HMP recap, 7/17/94

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Hudak Weathers Heat For Houston Win


By: Pat Mayberry


Legend has it, that the scorching Texas sun can drive people to murder and mayhem as a result of losing their minds in the blistering summer heat. Thankfully, no murders took place at Houston Motorsports Park last Saturday night. However, there was plenty of mayhem for the enthusiastic crowd in attendance who witnessed Brad Hudak survive the night and claim his first victory of the season.


Drivers and their crews battled heat index ratings over 120 degrees for a great deal of the day, causing fatigue and slower reaction times as a result of the intense heat. Several teams lost valuable crewmembers during the day that required emergency medical attention. Several drivers were also visible ill after the race due to extreme heat related factors.


Whoever said, "Racing isn't a real sport" never spent a day in the pits working as hard as these teams did to put on a show for the fans. Drivers, mechanics, tire changers, spotters, officials and anyone else who was involved in this show needs to be saluted for his or her effort and determination.


Even the state of the art racing surface of Houston Motorsports Park grew testy from the heat and kept drivers from ever getting a real handle on the conditions. Texas Super Racing Series flagman, Mark Pivarnik, had to be worn out after flying ten yellow flags over the field and two red flags, including the race ending red. What appeared to be a strong field of twenty-one cars slowly was whittled down with multiple heat related failures and a spectacular race ending crash, causing the race to be called with three laps remaining by Texas Super Racing Series Officials.


The race, scheduled for 75 green flag laps, was unfortunately cut short when, going into lap seventy-three, there was a huge accident involving cars of Beau Bukowski, Ian Webster and Brian Schild on the front straightway. The wreck left a tremendous amount of oil from turn four to turn one. After carefully reviewing all the options and time needed to properly clean the track, series officials elected to call the race. "All drivers were OK which was our first concern," remarked series founder, Mary Ann Naumann.


After meeting with her staff and several drivers to collect all information possible, Naumann called a post race press conference to explain the results. "We finally decided, the only right thing we could do and to stay as close to the TSRS Race Procedures was to go back to the last completed green flag lap, that being lap number seventy-two. By going back to the last completed green flag lap, I said to scoring, if we were going to run the race any further give me the line up. They did and we made the call that the 13 caused the accident, so put him to the rear, that put the top six being 04, 00, 11, 5, 13 & 50. We penalized 00 one position for his behavior on the track on the front straightway, which I would like to add, he apologized for his behavior in front of the Race Fans & Children and mainly to the Children," Naumann later said, "When it was over, all applauded it, and many personally thanked us."


The evening started in a fairly normal fashion when, during qualifying, series points leader, Mike Yale set a quick qualifying time with a 15.088. Drivers vote at each drivers meeting for one dice or two to be rolled. For this race, they voted for two. When Yale rolled the trademark dice for the field inversion, the first dice rolled to a five, making for more excitement for those not qualifying as well. Then the second came up another five, bringing the total inversion ten and putting Don Fowler on the pole. "It was slick out there, but it felt pretty good to me. That was the fastest we have run all weekend. It worked out for us and I'm happy," said Yale. "But it's also the TSRS kiss of death. We will be starting tenth, so we have to be patient. It's a long race and I just hope everyone uses their heads and that you won't win it on the first ten laps."


Fowler took advantage of the good fortune as the green flag unfurled over the field to start the race. Fowler got a good jump and drove off hard into the turn in an effort to hold off the charge of outside pole sitter Jamie Fuller. The move worked as they came around to complete lap one and Fowler lead his first career lap with the Texas Super Racing Series.


As the cars completed lap one several cars tangled in turn two, bringing out the first caution of the night. On the restart, Fowler and Fuller both went hard into turn one and by turn two; both cars were spun around and sustained serious damage. Officials brought the field to a stand still, throwing a red flag so safety crews could get to the two mangled machines.


The accident allowed Chris Schild to inherit the lead once the cars of Fowler and Fuller were hooked and removed and the green flag restarted the field. Schild, who contended for a win earlier this season at HMP, was chased back to the stripe by Ian Webster, Tommy Gural, Jeff Pollard, Brad Hudak (who started 9th) and Mike Yale.


Attrition was the key word of the night. Hudak had a strong car the entire race and was destined to be up front when it was all over, but after having bad luck on the last two visits to HMP, a little good luck finally followed him. On lap fifty one, a caution was brought out when race leader, Chris Schild, and series points leader, Mike Yale, tangled briefly in turn one. Yale cut a tire in the mêlée and was forced to the pits. Hudak, who had carefully worked his way up to third, was now in the right spot. On the restart, Schild's transmission gave up and called it a night for the driver and Hudak assumed the lead.


"It was a rough night tonight and unfortunately a lot of equipment was torn up," stated Hudak after the race. "I was running third when Chris and Mike touched and Mike cut his tire. As we were coming to take the green, I don't know what happened, but Chris pulled off and I was sitting in the lead. With only 25 laps to go, we just pulled away." Once in control, Hudak was never seriously challenged for the lead despite having a clutch start to go out as the race grew closer the it's bazaar conclusion.


Twice this year, Hudak was the dominant car at HMP when bad luck cost him a victory. Smelling the clutch problem developing had to cause Hudak concern that another potential win might escape him. When asked if he felt partially vindicated by this win tonight Hudak replied, "Yeah, a little. I still think we were fast tonight. We qualified second and weren't that far off the poll. We set the car for the long run and it worked. We're happy! We finally got the win, got that check box checked, so we can go on from here."


The final finish for the race was Hudak followed by Brian Schild, Beau Bukowski, Lloyd Alexander, Ian Webster Mike Yale, Pat Lyon, Buck Basey, Blake Harris and Chris Schild. This was the second straight top 10 finish for seventeen-year-old Blake Harris who moved up inside the top twenty in season points.


The DC Eagle Paint & Body Hard Charger Award of $50.00 was awarded to Brian Schild, who improved from his starting spot fifteen positions from seventeenth to second for the evening. The second place finish for Schild was a career best with the Texas Super Racing Series.


Hudak's victory also marks an interesting win streak for one person involved with the series. DC Eagle Paint & Body, who sponsors three cars in the series, now has a seven race win streak going. That is one of the longest winning streaks at any level of professional motorsports. "I wish I could do more for these guys," replied Eagle after the race when asked about his steak. Eagle, a strong supporter of the series, also donated the flashy golf cart you see series official on in the pits. Eagle is truly one of the good guys that makes regional short track racing such a great family to be around. This reporter speaks for everyone and says thank you for your terrific support of the series.


7th place finisher, Pat Lyon, was awarded a $25 gift certificate by another great Texas Super Racing Series sponsor, Norman Racing Products.


The next stop for the MAGNUM Trailers sponsored series Texas Super Racing Series will be August 14th at San Antonio Speedway. For more information on series dates or rules please visit the series web site at



Race Information:

Name: Brad Hudak

City: Houston

Age: 38

Years in racing: 7

Chassis: Dill-Dak

Body: 99 Chevy Monte Carlo

Engine Builder: Westside Performance

Brakes: Wilwood

Shocks: QA 1

Sponsors: Westside Performance & Machine, DC Eagle Paint & Body, Power

Demon.com, Southeast Custom Graphics & Lettering, Poly Dyn Performance

Coatings, TX 7 Engine Treatment & Performance Coatings

Cautions: 10 / No yellow laps counted

Fastest green flag lap: Brad Hudak 15.275

Lap Leaders:

1 - Don Fowler

2- 51 Chris Schild

52 - 72 Brad Hudak

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